Into the Light focuses on Brendan O’Toole, a former Marine, and his struggle to assimilate back into society after returning from war and Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen, founder and president of Give an Hour, as she comes to the realization that she needs to share her own story.

Ultimately this is a film about trust…the trust we put in one another so we can feel safe to tell our stories. The film’s purpose is simple and direct: to serve as a conversation starter for millions of people to change the culture around mental health, mental illness and emotional wellbeing.

“Powerful—profound—emotional—humane—everybody’s family—Marine Corps—America—and most importantly love and trust.”

Paul BurkeFormer Executive Director, The American Psychiatric Association Foundation

“Into the Light weaves two seemingly different and deeply personal stories into one riveting film.”

Michelle Binder Capt., USAF

“A story of reluctance, realization, determination, heartbreak, and redemption. A touching film.”

Hannah Martinez1st LT, USA

“This moving film shows the impact of mental illness on individuals and families and inspires compassion and hope, changing how we think about mental illness.”

Jeffrey BorensteinPresident & CEO, The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation and host of the PBS series Healthy Minds

"Those suffering from mental illness deserve our attention, our concern, our kindness. This film shows us how to bring out the best in all of us.”

Samuel J. Keith, MDChairman and Milton Rosembaum Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology, Emeritus University of New Mexico School of Medicine

“Give an Hour thanks filmmaker, Charlie Stuart, for giving us this powerful tool to help communities across the country change direction”

Barbara Van Dahlen, Ph.D.,

Founder and President, Give an Hour

Into the Light begins airing on PBS on Memorial Day, 2018.

Want to make sure the film plays on your local PBS station?

Contact your local PBS station to bring the film and the conversation to your community!

It’s Time to . . . Change Direction

Host Your Own Screening

Help us #ChangeMentalHealth by hosting a screening of Into the Light into your community.  Here are some ideas to help you host your own gathering.   You can find the discussion guide and free link to the film below.

Start with those closest to you!

Host a screening for your family, friends, and loved ones. The film is appropriate for people 15 years and older.

Reach out to your community!

Here are a few groups and organizations that may be interested in partnering with you for a screening:  your local PTA, Faith based orgs in your community, VFW, Rotary Club, NAMI, other service orgs or book clubs.

Reach out to your local radio or TV station to partner to host a screening for the larger community.
Reporters: pull clips from the film to use in your news story for FREE.
Individuals:  call your local PBS station and request that it’s aired on your local channel.  
Reach out to your local university or high schools.

And partner with counselors, faculty or student groups.

Reach out to your employer.
And partner with your HR or EAP to host a screening.  Many companies encourage these departments to host brown bag events and awareness events.   To learn more about how you can engage your employers or other companies in your community, visit here.
There are many opportunities to use the film as a conversation starter

You can host a screening during Suicide Prevention month, Mental Health Month, Military Appreciation Month, or World Mental health Day.

Download the Into the Light Discussion Guide

Use this discussion guide to lead a conversation about mental health in your community!

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Download the Film

We are pleased to share this film with you at no cost!  Download it here, share it with others and help us to #ChangeMentalHealth!

Download Film

Into the Light Begins Airing on PBS in May, 2018!