A Week to Change Direction 2020

Thank you to those who joined us May 18-24 for the worldwide virtual event


A Week to Change Direction was a virtual, global event where we are asked everyone to flood social media by sharing how they took care of their emotional wellbeing by creating and maintaining Healthy Habits.  Individuals and organizations sharee what they did for themselves and for loved ones, coworkers, neighbors and communities to protect and encourage everyone’s emotional wellness during this worldwide pandemic.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic,  it was a virtual event, that was participated from the safety of individual homes.  It took place during one week of Mental Health Awareness Month, May 18th-24th

  • Who? Everyone who cares about mental health and wellness!
  • What?  A VIRTUAL and GLOBALLY coordinated event called A Week to Change Direction
  • When? May 18-24
  • Where? Your home and your backyard
  • Why? To change the culture of mental health by encouraging everyone to stay emotionally healthy and to share the Healthy Habits of Emotional Wellbeing widely, especially during this time when all of us are struggling with the Coronavirus pandemic
  • How? Share what you plan to do for A Week to Change Direction here and post on social media during May 18-24 with #ChangeDirection

2020 Stats for A Week to Change Direction

*As of May 24, 2020


People are going to #ChangeDirection

States plus Washington D.C. are Represented

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How We #ChangeDirection

It’s Easy to Get Involved!  Here are some Examples:

  • Create Rock Art: paint/write nice encouraging messages and/or the Five Signs on rocks and place them around town or your neighborhood. When you find one, hide it somewhere else to brighten someone else’s day. Share on social media your collection of rocks before you hide them!
  • Share How You Relax:  Pets help us relax, which is one of our Healthy Habits!  Take a picture with your dog on  a walk or in your new virtual office, post using #ChangeDirection.
  • Support Challenge:  Create a short list of trusted individuals that you can reach out to in times of need and support.  Keep this list in your wallet.  On social media challenge others to create their list too!
  • Create a video promoting the Five Signs of Emotional Suffering/Healthy Habits of Emotional Wellbeing and challenge 5 others to learn/share (ice bucket challenge model).
  • Virtual ClubColoring is relaxing!  Start a virtual coloring book club and talk about mindfulness and the Healthy Habits.  Post your finished masterpiece on social media and ask others to join in.  Remember to use #ChangeDirection.
  • On social media, challenge 5 friends to become a Campaign to Change Direction pledge partner and to share a photo of them doing their favorite Healthy Habit! Start a conversation with them about the Healthy Habits of Emotional Wellbeing—ask them their favorite way to relax or take care of themselves.
  • Share Give an Hour’s Coronavirus Resources which can be downloaded for FREE here.
  • Share How You are Staying Physically Healthy:  Drink 8 glasses of water a day or start another habit that maintains your physical health during this stressful time in our society.
  • Connect with your family and friends: play a game via Zoom, print out these BINGO cards, and have fun!  Share a picture of your Bingo crew on socials to inspire others to stay connected too.
  • Share the Five Signs that are now translated into 11 languages and can be downloaded here.

              Step 1: Share with Us what You will be doing for A Week to Change Direction

Join US! 

Fill out this quick form to let us know what you or your organization will be doing during this week and how you will be sharing the Healthy Habits of Emotional Well-being.

             Step 2: Share from May 18-24 on social media what you are doing to stay mentally healthy!  Use #changedirection when you post.

POST from May 18-24! #ChangeDirection

Inspire others to stay mentally healthy, especially during this Coronavirus Pandemic, and show them how you prioritize your mental health and create healthy habits.

Make sure to use the #ChangeDirection hashtag in all your social media posts to join the conversation!

Questions?  Email changedirection@giveanhour.org.

Get your friends and family involved by sharing these images on your social media platforms.

A Week to Change Direction 2020 Global Projects and Counting…

Check out where all the mental health conversations are happening for A Week to Change Direction 2020!

Give an Hour’s contribution to A Week to Change Direction 2020 is the unveiling of the Five Signs of Emotional Suffering translated into 10 languages.  Thank you for the help from all the volunteer individuals and organizations who helped to make this happen!

Check out the Press Release here and download your copies here.

How YOU #ChangeDirection


         Recap of A Week to Change Direction 2019

It’s easy to get involved from the safety of your own home. Check out what we did last year to get some ideas!

Check out the press release from last years successful events!

A special thank you Music Changes Direction partner, Daphne Willis, for allowing us to use your newly released song, “I am Enough”, for this video.

During A Week to Change Direction 2019  we had over 350 registered projects in 42 countries and 43 of the United States. In addition we created 27M impressions and reached 10M using #ChangeDirection.