A Week to Change Direction 2020

Join us for this worldwide virtual event, May 9-17


A Week to Change Direction will be a week of action, advocacy, culture change and fundraising for organizations, corporations, universities, communities, and individuals! Our aim is to increase knowledge, raise awareness and increase support for efforts that are working to change the culture of mental health globally so that all in need receive the care and support they deserve.

During this special week focused on global and local efforts, we will invite participating organizations and individuals to engage in activities that best reflect their unique strengths, skills and passions.

Schedule of Events

  • May 9: 320 Festival in Los Angeles, CA
  • May 9-17: A Week to Change Direction
  • May 17: 5K for the Five Signs in Los Angeles, CA

         Recap of A Week to Change Direction 2019

A special thank you Music Changes Direction partner, Daphne Willis, for allowing us to use your newly released song, “I am Enough”, for this video.

During A Week to Change Direction 2019  we had over 350 registered projects in 42 countries and 43 of the United States. In addition we created 27M impressions and reached 10M using #ChangeDirection.

Check out the press release from last years successful events!

              Step 1: Register for A Week to Change Direction

Step 1: Join US! Register Today!

Fill out this quick form to let us know what you or your organization will be doing during this week and how you will be sharing the Healthy Habits of Emotional Well-being.

It’s Easy to Get Involved!  Here are some Examples:

  • Create Rock Art: paint/write nice encouraging messages and/or the Five Signs on rocks and place them around town or your office building for people to find them. When you find one, hide it somewhere else to brighten someone else’s day. Share on social media your collection of rocks before you hide them!
  • Bring your pet to work week. Pets help us relax, which is one of our Healthy Habits! Encourage members of your organization or employees to take a picture with their pets at work, post using #ChangeDirection.
  • Create a video promoting the Five Signs of Emotional Suffering/Healthy Habits of Emotional Well-being and challenge 5 others to learn/share (ice bucket challenge model).
  • Support Challenge: Create a short list of trusted individuals that you can reach out to in times of need and support. Keep this list in your wallet. On social media challenge others to create their list too!
  • On social media, challenge 5 friends to become a Campaign to Change Direction pledge partner and to share a photo of them doing their favorite Healthy Habit.
  • Reach out to someone you have not spoken to in a while and schedule a visit to check in! Start a conversation with them about the Healthy Habits of Emotional Well-being—ask them their favorite way to relax or take care of themselves. If appropriate, post a selfie with them and give them a shout out! Remind others how important it is to connect and reach out.

             Step 2: Use the Toolkit to Help Plan Your Event

Step 2: Toolkit

After you sign up, check out the toolkit of ideas and tools for your projects, events, and conversations!

Coming Soon!

Make sure to use the #ChangeDirection hashtag in all your social media posts to join the conversation!

Questions?  Email changedirection@giveanhour.org.

              Check out the projects from A Week to Change Direction 2019.  

How YOU #ChangeDirection




Mental Health is critical to everyone. Unfortunately, limited funding, resources and cultural stereotypes prevent people from receiving help when they need it.

According to the World Economic Forum, mental illness will account for more than half of the economic burden of disease over the next two decades – more than cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases combined.

Between 76% and 85% of people with mental disorders receive no treatment in low and middle income countries. In high income countries, between 35% and 50% people with mental disorders receive no treatment.