“Notice me” a group poem by Yashi Brown for the Campaign to Change Direction

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Notice me

A group poem by Yashi Brown for The Campaign to Change Direction



Notice me. My wall of ice melts easily.


Somehow, I can’t utter a sound; I’m muted, my anxiety profound


The mime in the box, yeah, that’s me. But, not only am I silenced, this mime is not seen ~YouLoveMenna

A tiny radiance from a distant place, can change how I feel and the look on my face ~Pekkepop


I can feel its warmth reaching places that I haven’t seen or felt in ages

~ candicej1983

I dance slowly, around this inner sun – my power is within

~ JoeStilez

But I’m spellbound from a smile, catched up by a glance, with a sudden move, from alive into trance


Is that light through my pinhole just a mirage.. or a miracle healing for self-sabotage?

~kathryn simova


What cruelty has the world placed on you – with eyes so sad, and heart so meek?


What’s in this moment – your personality seems changed? I can’t read your energy – all seems rearranged

~smiley lizard

Then tears come down, as rivers of emotions flow.. And reveal the need to heal a broken soul


Take my calloused hand, it’s fought the fight you are fighting. I have won my own battle and have a passion still worth lighting

~Wally Peters

I’m not here to judge you, or get in your way..I’m just here to be with you, if you want me to stay



Each of us embodies light, two spirits joined burn twice as bright


I see your pain that you think is unseen, your life is worth much more than you think

~Victoria N.

Moving forward…now that I have spoken my initiative, what direction is that??


When I can be alone and not lonely; I’ll know…I am finally free



Free to be me, free to exist..the urge to die, I can resist!


Oh, for the courage, to reach across the room, to be like a flower – ready to bloom


Embrace who you are, take nothing for granted – your peace will grow, from those seeds that are planted ~G.T.Edwards

But if I stumble, promise you’ll employ patience and help me to heal once again


Freedom, healing, self-love…Wow! How do we remember? Like storing pictures in the cloud, it comes back when you surrender



The heaviness of your heart keeps you stuck on the ground…your words fall flat in this world full of sound


Some are silenced by judgment…others silenced by pain


It’s easy to say.. “there’s nothing I can do”. It’s easy to say..“I’ll call later”. It’s easy to just walk away.


Now we walk together; no longer dwelling in misery, not a “you” or an”I” , but a “us” and a “we”, for every stride I assisted you with I unknowingly helped me.

~ Sunshine

Yes, you noticed me. Things that repelled or scared others, you recognized as pain.


The sweetest expression, of Love one can give, is to give of themselves, so another might live

~GT Edwards


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