umttr (you matter) and Walt Whitman High School hosted a 3v3 basketball tournament and fundraiser on June 14, 2015 at Walt Whitman High School. The event showcased 8th – 12th grade basketball players (coed), adult basketball (under 50 and over 50), and featured celebrity appearances, speakers, elected officials and a silent auction. Proceeds from the event went to support student mental health and wellness organizations, including the Sources of Strength program provided through National Alliance of Mental Illness – Montgomery County, The Campaign to Change Direction, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Positive Coaching Alliance.

umttr has also pledged to distribute/hang the Campaign to Change Direction posters in Montgomery County, Maryland high schools. Be on the lookout! If you see a poster, snap a picture and share it with us or post on social media using #ChangeMentalHealth