The Campaign to Change Direction Welcomes Support from Chris Stapleton

By May 13, 2016Media, News

WASHINGTON, May 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Campaign to Change Direction, an initiative designed to change the culture of mental health in America, is pleased to share an insightful video interview with award-winning music star Chris Stapleton about his music video, Fire Away. To date, this music video has been viewed by more than 6.6 million people.

Mr. Stapleton’s first ever music video addresses the difficult subjects of suicide and mental health. The video is powerful and emotionally poignant. Mr. Stapleton had the notion of pairing his song with a video concept that would raise awareness of an important issue.

Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen is the Founder of Give an Hour, the backbone organization behind the Campaign to Change Direction. Commenting on the music video in a Huffington Post piece, Dr. Van Dahlen said, “By taking the issue of suicide head on through this exquisitely directed and acted film, Chris has created a cultural moment–one that challenges all of us to confront an issue we rarely talk about.” She added, “We hope that all who see the video will want to do their part–just as Chris has now done his–to help us change the culture of mental health in America.”

Cindy Mabe, President of Universal Music Group Nashville, said, “Universal Music Group Nashville is proud that Chris decided to dedicate his first ever music video to a cause that matters. We are honored to support Chris and the Campaign to Change Direction.”

Fire Away has been nominated for a CMT music award. Mr. Stapleton’s interview, along with the music video itself, can be seen on You can also find five ways for people to get involved in the Campaign. These include an educational tool that parents and educators can use to help children and teens talk about this challenging subject, and resources for finding help for yourself or others. The Change Direction website provides information for everyone seeking to learn more about getting involved with this critical effort.

In support of Mental Health Awareness Month, the Campaign to Change Direction Partners urge all Americans to pay attention to their emotional well-being and learn the Five Signs of emotional suffering. Together we will change the culture of mental health.

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