New Single Review: Major Moment – “Leave Out All The Rest” (A Tribute To Chester Bennington)

Legends never die. They are immortal. A year back on the twentieth of July, the music world was taken into complete darkness after the world lost her child, Chester Bennington, to death. Just when the death of Chester Bennington has sunken the musical community into a painful furrow deep down their heart, many musicians and artists have worn the pain of grief by paying tribute to this evergreen legend. Being a huge follower of Linkin Park, the Boston based alternative rock band, Major Moments, has made efforts to pay their tribute to Bennington by recreating his popular track titled, Leave Out All The Rest, from the album, Minutes To Midnight.

As the frontman of the flourishing band Linkin Park, Chester was well-known for his sharp and rich vocalization. Andrey Borzykin, the lead voice behind the rendition of the track accompanied by Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Razumova on the female vocals, has surely done a great job when it comes to voice modulations and sheer vocals for which Chester is still remembered.

Gabriel De Mattia De Oliveira has shown a practiced and well-balanced finger on the guitar with Adam Soucy over the exotic drum beats. Major Moments has worked collectively to balance each element of the track yet restore the essence exactly the same as before. Though the track is a tribute, the recreated song is as much their individual as much it could have been.

Mastered and engineered by the talented Adam Ayan, this track bears the similar power and emotions that the original version had. With a little change in the instrumental arrangement and introducing acoustic chords, the track evolves beautifully through the gigantic pitch of energy and fulfillment. More than half of the song gives a pleasant tuneful yet gripping dynamic feel which is solely credited to the well-played instrumental association and planned syncing tactics. Brilliant over the sound and audio quality, the song is a well depicted and well-planned tribute to the lost legend.

Major Moments isn’t just a four-piece band passionate about creating musical albums but also a band filled with the intense emotional quotient required to justify and dedicate a song that could be treated as a genuine tribute from the passionate fans to this great personality. As a result, the band has decided to donate the profited money that this remake would yield to Talinda Bennington’s fund, 320 Changes Direction and help the charity to spread awareness about mental health and depression so that another Chester Bennington doesn’t have to suffer from any type of mental illness all alone.

‘And when you are feeling empty, Keep me in your memory. Leave Out All the Rest,’ an instance from the singer who is been drastically missed each moment for a year. But exactly when everyone is missing him, Major Moments has exactly followed his words and remembered him through the best way possible, his own soulful number in a new reincarnated form, just like a old wine in a new bottle. Overall one of the best moment to be cherished and remembered for years to come.

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