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KnKt'd Mental Health by Synergistic Creations


KnKt'd Mental Health by Synergistic Creations pledges to share the five signs with 50 people. Vision: *To bring people, communities and society to a better place of overall wellness and help people better understand and accept others. Mission: *To better connect people to their lives, health and each other. Core Values: *Look to our mission and vision as the direction for all decisions *Always care and be compassionate *Always engage with our customer base *Think out of the box *Show integrity in everything we do *Give back to society *Continuously strive for improvement in everything we do *Reduce stigma’s at every level *Listen to the heartbeat of the communities and consumers *Help people find a better place of wellness *Employee people who care *Demonstrate at every level that technology can be used to help people *Never be heard using the phrase "that’s the way we've always done it"