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America’s Promise Alliance


America’s Promise Alliance is devoted to helping to create successful conditions for all young people, including the millions left behind. They are helping to make the promise of America accessible to all young people. America’s Promise alliance recognizes that for low-income families there is a lack of support for mental health, and if they could be provided more guidance it could have a significant impact on their path to a successful adulthood. In that vain, America’s Promise Alliance will bring these issues to the forefront in a select number of communities by working with a local organization on a GradNation Community Summit focused on mental health and wellness. They will work with Give an Hour and other organizations that are part of the Campaign to Change Direction and provide a $15,000 grant to the convening organization in each community. With the support of America’s Promise, each convening organization will host a summit and create a cross sector action plan. GradNation Community Summits were launched in 2013 to help the country reach the goal of 90 percent high school graduation rate by 2020. It is the intention of America’s Promise to go where there is need and opportunity, and where stakeholders will come together for the common good.