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American Mental Health Counselors Association


The American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA) pledges to share the five signs of suffering with 7,000 people. AMHCA will communicate to the general public, mental health stakeholders and other interested groups on issues important to the clinical mental health counseling profession and assist the membership in enhancing public awareness in their states and local communities. We will emphasize messages that drive home the value of clinical mental health counselors and ending stigma. AMHCA will increase public awareness on the consequences of not treating mental illness as well as increase the awareness of clinical mental health counselors through the AMHCA website, and other public forums such as social media, i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. AMHCA is the leading national organization for licensed clinical mental health counselors. AMHCA strives to be the go-to organization for LCMHCs for education, advocacy, leadership and collaboration. Our organization provides the backbone of skills and resources needed for clinical mental health counselors to thrive in today's world.