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National Association of Drug Court Professionals


The National Association of Drug Court Professionals was founded in 1994 by pioneers from the first twelve Drug Courts in the nation. Drug Courts improve the justice system by using a combination of judicial monitoring and effective treatment to compel drug-users to change their lives. NADCP is committed to putting a Drug Court (and other problem-solving courts) within reach of everyone in need. Today, there are over 2,900 Drug Courts and another 1,122 problem-solving courts (mental health courts, community courts, DWI courts, etc), in operation in all 50 states and U.S. territories. NADCP provides training to over 4,000 Drug Court and problem-solving court professionals annual at its national conference, aggressively advocates for Drug Courts, and keeps Drug Courts in the public eye. NADCP pledges to share the 5 Signs of Suffering with over 100,000 people over the next five years via training, email distribution, website content, and social media. They are committed to changing the story about mental health, illness, and wellness by educating Americans about mental health issues. Specifically, over the next five year we pledge to train the following on the 5 Signs of Suffering: 150 new courts planning a Drug Court, 20,000 Drug Court Professionals through our annual conferences, and 8,000 Drug Court Professionals through statewide conferences, judicial conferences, and other trainings.