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Aetna, one of the nation’s leading diversified health care benefits companies, pledges to share the 5 Signs of Suffering to an estimated 700,000 individuals over the next five years via Aetna’s internal and external social media, newsletter, and employee resource group networks. They will also drive a provider communications plan including online access to the 5 Signs of Suffering poster for providers to download and place in their offices. To help change the conversation, Aetna will launch a creative challenge for providers, customers, and community partners, as well as an official campaign launch with employees. They will promote Change Direction as a feature story in Aetna’s Health Section featuring Barbara Van Dahlen, to reach numerous audiences. Aetna will expand delivery of their mental health stigma education module to Aetna employees throughout 2015 and launch one for providers and customers as well, using the feedback to help Change Directions. Finally, Aetna will continue the “It Only Takes a Minute” video series dedicated to addressing mental health issues and stigma. Aetna has been a contributor to Give an Hour’s mission though promotion, funding, training, volunteer recruitment, and participation in military support event planning, and Aetna looks forward to continuing the relationship with Change Direction.