The 2nd Global Summit on Mental Health Culture Change built on the tremendous success of our first Global Summit on Mental Health Culture Change held in Los Angeles, California in May 2017. Give an Hour – in collaboration with international partners  – brought this exciting gathering to London in October 2018!

The London Summit gathered together key thought leaders, government officials, stakeholders, policy makers and change agents to focus exclusively on removing cultural biases that affect how we think about, talk about and address emotional well-being and mental health.


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2018 Global Summit Agenda, October 11-12

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October 11, 2018 (7:30am-5:00pm)

7:30 – 8:30am

  • Registration/breakfast

8:30 – 9:00am

  • Welcome

Joesph Sifer, Executive Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

Barbara Van Dahlen, Ph.D. Founder and President, Give an Hour

  • Perspective

Vikram Patel, Ph.D., The Pershing Square Professor of Global Health and Welcome Trust Principal Research Fellow at the Harvard Medical School

9:00 – 9:45am

  • Faith Based Leaders and Culture Change:  Our faith-based community plays a key role in shaping our culture and providing support to those who are suffering emotionally. This panel explores the work that is being done with (and within) the faith-based community to address mental health challenges of people around the world.

MODERATOR: Barbara Van Dahlen, Ph.D., Founder and President, Give an Hour


Peter Turkson, Cardinal, President at Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, The Vatican

Jasvir Singh OBE, Chair of City Sikhs and Co- Chair of Faiths Forum for London

Ayesha Aslam, Director and Founder, Sakoon Counselling Services

Video from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder, Art of Living Foundation

INTRODUCTION: Bushan Deodhar, Director, Art of Living Foundation


  • Corporate Engagement: Corporate leaders around the world are stepping up to create emotionally healthier workplaces. Join us as we explore new approaches and innovations in the corporate sector

MODERATOR: Andrea Inserra, Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton


Jana Watkins, Human Resource Director, Live Nation Entertainment

Geoffrey Williams, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, EMEA, Thomas Reuters

Bruce Greenhalgh, Global Health and Wellbeing Clinical Lead, BT

10:30 – 10:45am (Break)

10:45 – 11:00am

  • Rt Honorable Tobias Ellwood, UK Minister of Defence People and Veterans

11:00 – 11:45am

  • Challenges and Progress in addressing Mental Health Concerns for Those Who Serve: Considerable progress has been made to ensure that our service members and our veterans have the mental health care and support they deserve. This panel explores approaches and innovations in our efforts to serve those who serve.

MODERATOR: Joe Klein, Author, Charlie Mike: A True Story of Heroes Who Brought Their Mission Home


Richard Nugee, Lieutenant General, UK Ministry of Defence

Sue Freeth, Chief Executive, Combat Stress

Keita Franklin, LCSW, Ph.D., National Director Suicide Prevention, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Volodymyr Havrylov, General, Former Defense Attaché of Ukraine in the United States and the United Kingdom

11:45 – 12:45pm (Lunch)

12:15 – 12:45 Special Workshop: The 90 Second Rule and Mental Health Culture Change with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Author, My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey 

  • Our brain is the most sophisticated structure in the universe and although we all have one, it doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. Our mental health – and the mental health of our global society – is dependent on the health and well-being of our brains. By better understanding how our brain works, we can have much more control over our wellbeing. Please join Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor as she helps us better understand our brains and provides insight into what we can do to improve our mental health and the mental health of those we love. She will also discuss how to use her “90 Second Rule” as a tool to further the conversation about mental health and emotional well-being in our communities.
  • There is limited space for this special workshop, RSVP to in order to reserve your seat

1:00 – 1:45pm

  • How Policy Drives Culture Change – Sponsored by the Meadows Institute: this is a critical discussion exploring the role that policy plays in changing the culture of mental health – and how the change of our culture drives new policies that ensure care and support for those in need.

MODERATOR: Andy Keller, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute


Jessica Henderson Daniel, Ph.D., ABPP President, American Psychological Association

Sue Baker OBE, Global Director, Time to Change

Saul Levin, M.D., M.P.A., FRCP-E, Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director, American Psychiatric Association

1:45 – 2:30pm

  • The Role of Technology in Changing Culture: A change in culture occurs over time but can be fueled by an increase in knowledge and information – which research provides. Similarly, as the culture begins to change around mental health, we are more inclined to prioritize research that leads to improved treatments and care for those who are suffering.

MODERATOR: Robert “Rob” L. Gordon III, Chief Global Officer, Connected Living


Nicole Gardner, Vice President, Global Business Services and Leader Public Service Eminence Academy, IBM

Poppy Jamie, Founder, Happy Not Perfect and Co-Founder, Pop & Suki

Louis Gagnon, Chief Executive Officer, BrainResource

Darren Mastropaolo, Director International, Crisis Text Line

2:30 – 3:00pm (Break)

3:00 – 3:30pm

  • The LGBTQ Community – Progress and Challenge: A conversation with special guest Ari Getty, Philanthropist. Far too many LGBTQ youth struggle with unaddressed mental health challenges and many in the US become homeless. Ari Getty shares her concerns and perspectives about the need for mental health education, outreach and support to this vulnerable population.

INTRODUCTORY REMARKS: Gigi Gorgeous, Activist

MODERATOR: Rick Parnell, Chief Executive Officer, RSP Advisors

SPECIAL GUEST: Ariadne Getty, President and Executive Director of the Ariadne Getty Foundation (AGF)

3:30 – 4:15pm

  • Fashion Changes Direction: Those within the fashion industry – in front of and behind the camera – are at-risk for developing a range of mental health challenges. New efforts are underway to reach out to and support those who are suffering. This panel explores the challenges and the opportunities within the fashion industry.

MODERATOR: Alex Marx, Filmmaker


Kristina Romanova, Model and Co-Founder, Humans of Fashion Foundation

Nats Getty, Designer, Model, Artist and Activist

August Getty, Fashion Designer, Activist, and Philanthropist

Gary McQueen, Founder and Creative Director, Gary James McQueen

4:15 – 4:30

  • Culture Change in Canada

Mary Deacon, Chair, Bell Let’s Talk Mental Health Initiative

4:30 – 5:00

  • Closing and Special Announcements

Barbara Van Dahlen, Ph.D., Founder and President, Give an Hour

Talinda Bennington, Founding Partner, 320 Changes Direction and Executive Advisor, the Campaign to Change Direction

Glen Moriarty, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Executive Officer, 7 Cups

October 12, 2018 (7:30am-5:00pm)

7:30 – 8:15am

  • Breakfast

7:45 – 8:05am

  • Guided Meditation

FACILITATOR: Bhushan Deodhar, Director, Art of Living Foundation

Open to all interested attendees

8:15 – 8:45am

  • Welcome

Barbara Van Dahlen, Ph.D., Founder and President, Give an Hour

Lorraine Heggessey, Chief Executive Officer, The Royal Foundation

8:45 – 9:30am

  • Cultures Within the Broader Culture – Reaching Those in Need: One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to providing mental health care or education to people from different cultures. This discussion explores unique barriers and opportunities as we work to reach all people with information and effective interventions.

MODERATOR: Altha Stewart, M.D., Associate Professor and Chief of Social and Community Psychiatry, University of Tennessee Health Science Center; President, American Psychiatric Association


Antonio E. Puente, Ph.D., 2017 President, American Psychological Association

Nevin Kucuk, Founder and President of Mental Health Association for Everyone (RUSAG) (Izmir/Turkey)

Nikki Webber Allen, Founder, I LIVE FOR… Foundation, Inc.

9:30 – 10:15am

  • Research and Culture Change – A Necessary Relationship: Knowledge and information can lead to change – but only if that information can be translated and available to those who will become our change agents. This discussion examines the critical relationship between the research and changing the way we think about, talk about and respond to emotional pain and suffering.

MODERATOR: Harold Kudler, M.D., Adjunct Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA


John Mannion, Executive Director Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation and Director Major Projects, The Flinders Foundation

Johnathan Flint, M.D., Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, UCLA

Sally Anne Gross, BA Hons. LLB, LLM, Principal Lecturer MA Music Business Management, University of Westminister

10:15 – 10:45am (Break)

10:45 – 11:30

  • The Over-criminalization of the Mentally Ill: Sadly, our jails and prisons are overflowing with individuals who have unaddressed mental health needs. This conversation examines efforts to address this challenge and care for those in need.

MODERATOR: Randy Phelps, Ph.D., Vice President for Operations, Give an Hour


Steve Leifman, Judge, Chair, Florida Supreme Court’s Task Force on Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues in the Court

Arthur C. Evans, Jr., Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Executive Vice President, American Psychological Association

Michael Brown OBE, Chief Inspector

11:30 – 12:15pm

  • Adaptive Sports, Challenge Events and the Opportunity for Post Traumatic Growth: This panel explores the opportunity that adaptive sports programs, challenge events and other non-traditional approaches create for post traumatic growth for those who have experienced trauma and loss.

MODERATOR: Matt Kleiman, Captain, U.S. Navy, Director of Psychological Health


Bronwen Evans, Chief Executive Officer, True Patriot Love

Stuart Taylor, President and Chief Executive Officer, Allied Forces Foundation

Ken Falke, Chief Executive Officer, Boulder Crest Foundation, EOD Warrior Foundation

Emma Wiggs, MBE, World and Paralympic Para Canoe Champion

12:15 – 1:15pm (Lunch)

12:30 – 2:30pm

  • Invitation Only Roundtable Discussion – Military and and Veterans Progress and Challenges


Andrea Inserra, Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

Robert “Rob” L. Gordon III, Chief Global Officer, Connected Living


RIBA 6th Floor, Lunch will be served in Wren Room for attendees

1:15 – 2:00pm

  • Children and Youth – Programs and Potential: Our children and young adults will lead the way in changing the way we think about, talk about and address mental health in the future. Indeed, we are already seeing evidence of dramatic and healthy change. This panel explores some of the exciting and innovative efforts focused on our youth.

MODERATOR: Jennifer Pope Baker, Executive Director, Women’s Fund of Central Indiana, Central Indiana Community Foundation


Ross Szabo, Wellness Director, Geffen Academy at UCLA

Chris Martin, Chief Executive Officer, The Mix Charity

Josh Bradlow, Policy Officer, Stonewall

Danielle “Nolli” Waterman, Ambassador, Laureus Sports for Good

2:00 – 2:45pm

  • At Risk Seniors, Isolation and Loneliness: Isolation and loneliness are risk factors that contribute to poor physical and mental health – and yet many senior citizens around the world experience these conditions and suffer as a result. This discussion explores efforts underway to reduce isolation and increase social connectivity for our seniors.

MODERATOR: Randy Phelps, Ph.D., Vice President for Operations, Give an Hour


Lisa Marsh Ryerson, President of AARP Foundation

Sam Dick, Director of Campaigns, Policy and Research at the Campaign to End Loneliness

Alistair Burns, Professor, National Clinical Director for Dementia and Older People’s Mental Health, NHS England and NHS Improvement

2:45 – 3:15pm (Break)

3:15 – 3:45pm

  • The Use of Television/Film to Change Culture

MODERATOR: Barbara Van Dahlen, Ph.D., Founder and President, Give an Hour

SPECIAL GUEST: DJ Nash, Creator, A Million Little Things– ABC

3:45 – 4:00pm

  • Supporting Culture Change, The Biden Foundation

MODERATOR: Barbara Van Dahlen, Ph.D., Founder and President, Give an Hour

Mala Adiga, Director for Higher Education and Military Families, The Biden Foundation

Rory Brosius, Advisor for Military Families, The Biden Foundation

4:00 – 4:45pm

  • How Our Influencers Change Culture: Our celebrities and icons play a powerful role in shaping and changing culture. This panel features key influencers who are using their platforms to change the way we think about, talk about and address mental health and emotional well-being.

MODERATOR: Jennifer Ashton, M.D., Chief Medical Correspondent for ABC News and Good Morning America


Talinda Bennington, Founding Partner, 320 Changes Direction and Executive Advisor, the Campaign to Change Direction

Bruce Cohen, Film, Television and Producer

Leon Lloyd, Chief Executive Officer, Switch The Play


  • Closing and Special Announcements

Barbara Van Dahlen, Ph.D., Founder and President, Give an Hour

  • 3rd Global Summit on Mental Health Culture Change

Mary Deacon, Chair, Bell Let’s Talk mental health initiative

Bronwen Evans, Chief Executive Officer, True Patriot Love

  • A Week to Change Direction

Jacque Baumer, Chief Executive Officer, Baumer Impact Consulting

Rick Parnell, Chief Executive Officer, RSP Advisors

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Global Summit Venue Location

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)
66 Portland Place, London W1B 1AD

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DAY 1 – OCTOBER 11, 2018

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Our Sponsors

Our Collaborators

Thank you to the UK Ministry of Defence and the Royal Foundation for their assistance and participation in our 2nd Global Summit. We are also proud to partner with the UK MoD to share the Five Signs of Emotional Suffering with those who serve in the British Armed Forces.

Speaker Biographies

Mala Adiga

Mala Adiga is the Biden Foundation’s director for higher education and military families. Previously she served in the U.S. Department of State in the Secretary of State’s Office of Global Women’s Issues as chief of staff and senior advisor to the Ambassador-at-Large and then as Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

In her role as DAS, she oversaw a wide range of international educational programs, including the Fulbright and Gilman Programs. Before this position, Mala served as Director for Human Rights in the National Security Staff’s (NSS) Multilateral and Human Rights Directorate at the White House. Prior to joining NSS, she was an attorney at the Department of Justice, where she served as Counsel to the Associate Attorney General.

Before entering government service, Mala worked for the Obama presidential campaign for nearly two years. Prior to the campaign, she worked as a litigation associate at Kirkland & Ellis LLP in Chicago and then clerked for U.S. District Court Judge Philip Simon in the Northern District of Indiana. Mala earned her J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School and her M.P.H. from the University of Minnesota. She graduated from Grinnell College in Iowa with a B.A. in Spanish.

Jennifer Ashton, M.D.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton is the Chief Medical Correspondent for ABC News, and double-Board-certified in Ob-Gyn and Obesity Medicine. She received her B.A., M.D., and M.S. from Columbia University. Dr. Ashton is one of the only M.D.’s with a national news media platform who also has a degree in Nutrition. Dr. Ashton joined ABC in 2012, as Senior Medical Contributor, and was named Chief Medical Correspondent for the network in 2017. In her role at ABC, she is only the third person to hold this position in the history of ABC News, and the first Women’s Health specialist to ever hold this position in national network news media. From 2009-2011, Dr. Ashton was the Senior Medical Correspondent for CBS News Network, where she received the prestigious Columbia Alfred DuPont Award for Excellence in Journalism. She has been recognized as a pioneer and advocate in Women’s Health by the American Heart Association. Following the suicide death of her ex-husband in 2017, Dr. Ashton has recently started to speak publicly about mental health issues her personal experience.

Ayesha Aslam

Ayesha Aslam is the Director and founder of Sakoon Counselling Services set up in 2007. She is a Clinical Supervisor, BACP Accredited Integrative Psychotherapist, Psychologist and an Islamic counsellor, she has over 15 years of experience working with diverse issues from counselling to more severe psychological issues. She has been a keynote speaker at various conferences, recent one includes Training Muslim Chaplains and Imams in the UK. Has published articles in various magazines, provided workshops to organisations and appeared on radio/TV channels providing support and advice on key issues and not afraid to challenged Taboos. Ayesha a pioneer, a first in her field set that up Sakoon to address a need in the Muslim community which was to have access to a professional counselling service that would not compromise their faith. Today Sakoon has 10 counsellors, 3 trainers, accredited training courses and clients as far as Phoenix Arizona and Australia.

Sue Baker, OBE

Sue has worked to de-stigmatise mental health for 23 years at Mind (in England and Wales) in New Zealand, and now globally. She set up the world-leading Time to Change campaign in England in 2007 that has led to a “sea change” in attitudes and significant reductions in mental health discrimination in England – a campaign duplicated in many countries; she advises Governments and charities on social change programmes aimed at improving public attitudes, reducing discrimination and empowering people to lead change. She’s worked in advertising, marketing and PR roles in the private, public and voluntary sectors since she graduated from UWE in 1988. Sue was awarded an OBE for services to mental health in 2016.

Talinda Bennington

Talinda Bennington is the mother of a beautiful blended family of 6. She
is the wife of the late singer, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. In the
summer of 2017, Talinda lost her husband to depression and addiction.
Chester Bennington died by suicide on July 20, 2017. Determined to
prevent others in need from suffering alone, Talinda partnered with Give an Hour and the Campaign to Change Direction and launched 320
Changes Direction – an effort named in honor of Chester Bennington
whose birthday was March 20th. Talinda has become a spokesperson
and champion for this effort and speaks regularly on panels, on social
media and at events – about the need to change our culture so that
those who are suffering emotionally are able to receive the care they

Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a Harvard trained and published neuroanatomist. In 1996, Dr. Taylor experienced a major hemorrhage in the left half of her brain. Over the course of four hours, she watched her brain completely deteriorate through the eyes of a brain scientist. On the afternoon of the stroke, she could not walk, talk, read, write or recall any of her life. It took eight years for her to completely recover both mentally and physically all of her abilities.

Dr. Taylor’s personal memoir titled My Stroke of Insight spent 17 weeks on the NYTimes Bestseller list in 2008 and it remains the number one book sold in the Amazon marketplace for the last ten years. The book has been printed in over 30 languages throughout the world and Dr. Taylor is working with Oprah to turn it in to a feature film.

Dr. Taylor’s TED talk in 2008 was the first TED talk to go viral through the internet, and she was the premier guest on Oprah’s Soul Series. Dr. Taylor is completely committed to educating the world about the beauty and resiliency of our beautiful brain and she has been a major advocate about mental health for over 30 years. Dr. Taylor has a brother who has been diagnosed with the brain disorder schizophrenia and she uses her not-for-profit Jill Bolte Taylor Brains, Inc, for educational purposes.

Dr. Taylor is an enormous advocate for ‘whole brain living’ and is a leading voice throughout the world about the ability of the brain to recover from trauma.

Josh Bradlow

Josh is Policy Officer at Stonewall, Britain’s largest organisation campaigning for lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) equality. In this role, he leads on the organisation’s lobbying and research on education and young people. Last year he wrote School Report 2017, research with the University of Cambridge, which provides the most comprehensive insight to date into LGBT young people’s mental health in Britain. Prior to this role, Josh worked as the Policy Assistant to Ruth Hunt, Stonewall’s Chief Executive, and as a Project Management and Policy Development intern at Cancer Research UK. Josh has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from the University of Cambridge.

Rory Brosius

Rory Brosius is the Advisor on Military Families for the Biden Foundation. She is also the founder and principal of Brosius Consulting, LLC where she focuses on the development of social impact and advocacy strategy for clients around the country.

Prior to her work with the Biden Foundation, Rory was a Vice President at ScoutComms, Inc., where she managed communications, strategy, and outreach efforts for corporate and non-profit clients working with service members, veterans, and their families. From 2013-2017 Rory served as a policy advisor on veterans and military families to the Obama Administration, where she was the Deputy Director of First Lady Michelle Obama’s and Dr. Jill Biden’s Joining Forces Initiative. Joining Forces was a national initiative launched to engage all sectors of society to support service members, veterans, and their families through concrete commitments in employment, education and wellness. Throughout her tenure, the initiative achieved success in advancing veteran and military spouse hiring efforts, reducing veteran homelessness, driving mental health awareness and engaging healthcare and educational professionals to support of the military and veteran communities.

Prior to joining the Obama Administration, Rory completed clinical social work training in San Diego, California, and Washington, DC. Throughout her career, she has served in a variety of roles both as a career civilian staffer for U.S. military and a development professional in non-profit and educational organizations. The spouse of a Marine Corps veteran, Rory is passionate about the issues that impact service members, veterans and their families, and has focused much of her professional life tackling these issues.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Clemson University and a Master of Social Work from the University of Southern California. She is the recipient of a Presidential Volunteer Service Award, the Army Achievement Medal for Civilian Service and a Marine Corps Certificate of Commendation. She serves on the boards of the Code of Support Foundation, Bastion Community of Resilience, and the Military Family Advisory Network. She currently resides in Oceanside, California with her husband and three dogs.

Rory Brosius is the Advisor on Military Families for the Biden Foundation. She is also the founder and principal of Brosius Consulting, LLC where she focuses on the development of social impact and advocacy strategy for clients around the country.

Prior to her work with the Biden Foundation, Rory was a Vice President at ScoutComms, Inc., where she managed communications, strategy, and outreach efforts for corporate and non-profit clients working with service members, veterans, and their families. From 2013-2017 Rory served as a policy advisor on veterans and military families to the Obama Administration, where she was the Deputy Director of First Lady Michelle Obama’s and Dr. Jill Biden’s Joining Forces Initiative. Joining Forces was a national initiative launched to engage all sectors of society to support service members, veterans, and their families through concrete commitments in employment, education and wellness. Throughout her tenure, the initiative achieved success in advancing veteran and military spouse hiring efforts, reducing veteran homelessness, driving mental health awareness and engaging healthcare and educational professionals to support of the military and veteran communities.

Prior to joining the Obama Administration, Rory completed clinical social work training in San Diego, California, and Washington, DC. Throughout her career, she has served in a variety of roles both as a career civilian staffer for U.S. military and a development professional in non-profit and educational organizations. The spouse of a Marine Corps veteran, Rory is passionate about the issues that impact service members, veterans and their families, and has focused much of her professional life tackling these issues.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Clemson University and a Master of Social Work from the University of Southern California. She is the recipient of a Presidential Volunteer Service Award, the Army Achievement Medal for Civilian Service and a Marine Corps Certificate of Commendation. She serves on the boards of the Code of Support Foundation, Bastion Community of Resilience, and the Military Family Advisory Network. She currently resides in Oceanside, California with her husband and three dogs.

Michael Brown, OBE

Michael is the mental health coordinator for the National Police Chiefs’ Council and the College of Policing – a serving officer with West Midlands Police for 20 years. His work in the UK has prevented tens of thousands of vulnerable people being detained in police custody whilst in mental health crisis and secured the prosecution of many vulnerable offenders who pose a serious risk of harm to the public. His blog on policing and mental health has been used millions of times across the world and used is the basis for national guidelines for the police service in England and Wales.
He was singled out for commendation by the Home Affairs Committee of the UK Parliament after their inquiry into policing and mental health and has advised the British Government on reform of mental health laws. Michael has given expert opinion in UK and Australian Coroner’s Courts following deaths in custody or contact and also worked in Namibia, Iceland and Canada. He is a recipient of the President’s Medal from the Royal College of Psychiatrists and in 2016 was appointed an OBE by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth in the 90th Birthday Honours for his services to policing and mental health.

Alistair Burns

Alistair Burns is Professor of Old Age Psychiatry at The University of Manchester and an Honorary Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist in the Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. He is the National Clinical Director for Dementia and Older People’s Mental Health at NHS England and NHS Improvement.

He graduated in medicine from Glasgow University in 1980, training in psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital and Institute of Psychiatry in London. He became the Foundation Chair of Old Age Psychiatry in The University of Manchester in 1992, where he has variously been Head of the Division of Psychiatry and a Vice Dean in the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences, with responsibility for liaison within the NHS. He set up the Memory Clinic in Manchester and helped establish the old age liaison psychiatry service at Wythenshawe Hospital. He is a Past President of the International Psychogeriatric Association.

He was Editor of the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry for twenty years, (retiring in 2017) and is on the Editorial Boards of the British Journal of Psychiatry and International Psychogeriatrics. His research and clinical interests are in mental health problems of older people, particularly dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. He has published over 300 papers and 25 books.

He was made an honorary fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2016, received the lifetime achievement award from their old age Faculty in 2015 and was awarded the CBE in 2016 for contributions to health and social care, in particular dementia.

Bruce Cohen

Bruce Cohen is an Academy Award-winning producer of film, television, theater, and live events. He won an Academy Award for Best Picture in 2000, alongside producing partner Dan Jinks, for Sam Mendes’ AMERICAN BEAUTY and earned additional Best Picture nominations for Gus Van Sant’s MILK and David O. Russell’s SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. He also produced both the film and Broadway musical adaptation of Tim Burton’s BIG FISH. More recently, Cohen produced the Ben Younger’s BLEED FOR THIS starring Miles Teller and Danny Strong’s REBEL IN THE RYE starring Nicholas Hoult as iconic author J.D. Salinger.

In television, Cohen executive produced ABC’s LGTBQ rights miniseries WHEN WE RISE, created and written by Academy Award winner Dustin Lance Black. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for producing the 83RD ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS and also served as an executive producer on the Emmy-winning series PUSHING DAISIES as well as the event specials MOVIES ROCK and BROADWAY AT THE WHITE HOUSE for First Lady Michelle Obama.

Cohen is a graduate of Yale University and started his film career as the DGA Trainee on Steven Spielberg’s THE COLOR PURPLE. Cohen resides in New York City with his husband and their daughter.

Mary Deacon

Mary Deacon is Chair of the Bell Let’s Talk mental health initiative, the largest-ever corporate initiative of its kind in Canada. In 2015, Bell extended its commitment to $100 million to support new mental health research, workplace best practices, improved care and access, and anti-stigma programs including Bell Let’s Talk Day – a national day of conversation about mental health – that takes place each year.

Mary assumed her role as Chair after a long and successful career in the philanthropic sector. Over the last 25 year years she has held a series of senior positions in the not-for-profit sector including almost a decade as the inaugural President of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation – Canada’s largest mental health hospital. A passionate advocate and leader in the mental health community, Mary has an established track record of bringing people and ideas together for positive change.

Mary has a Bachelor of Arts degree and received the Queen Elizabeth ll Diamond Jubilee Medal. She also received the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris cause from the University of Guelph, for her pivotal leadership role in Canadian philanthropy, most notably in the field of mental health.

She resides in Toronto, Canada and has four children.

Bhushan Deodhar

Bhushan is a respected leadership and self-mastery expert. A thought leader, he has worked with a number of governments and private corporations including the World Bank, United Nations, MIT (Sloan), Harvard Business School, Kellogg, Microsoft, Shell, Yahoo, among others, advising them on leadership strategies for sustainable growth. Of note is his work in the water sector in Nigeria where his interventions helped build stronger teams for implementation of needed reforms.

Inspired by international peacemaker and spiritual leader, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Bhushan has dedicated his life to reigniting the human values of love, friendship and compassion in society today. Through the use of breathing techniques, meditation and leadership frameworks, Bhushan has explored the nexus between self-mastery, mental health and personal excellence. He serves on the Board of the Art of Living Retreat Center, one of America’s top wellness destinations. Bhushan has been an invited speaker at many international forums, where he has emphasized the importance of Mental Health in ensuring a more just, happy and peaceful society.

Bhushan is currently CEO of Shankara, an all-natural skincare and wellness company that donates 100% of its net profits to worthy humanitarian causes. An engineer by training, Bhushan has served in leadership roles at Nortel Networks and Oracle. Bhushan also served as President of Sumeru, Inc, a software consulting firm for 12 years, where he established strategic partnerships and new lines of business that helped the firm grow significantly during the course of his tenure.

Sam Dick

Sam Dick is the Director of Campaigns, Policy and research at the Campaign to End Loneliness. The Campaign believe that people of all ages need connections that matter. There are nine million lonely people in the UK and four million of them are older people. We’ve been experts in the field of loneliness and connection since 2011. We share research, evidence and knowledge with thousands of other organisations to drive positive change in older people’s lives. Prior to working at the Campaign Sam worked for a decade at Stonewall, campaigning for LGB equality including equal marriage, and at Dignity in Dying/Compassion in Dying, campaigning for the rights of terminally ill and dying people.

Rt Hon Tobias Ellwood

Tobias was first elected as the Member of Parliament for Bournemouth East in May 2005, and has been re-elected on subsequent occasions, most recently in June 2017. Following this election, Tobias was appointed as the Minister for Defence People and Veterans at the Ministry of Defence, having served as the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office since July 2014. His responsibilities at the Ministry of Defence include Service and Civilian personnel policy, Cadets, Veterans, Service families, Defence Infrastructure, Mental health and the Armed Forces Covenant.
Before being elected as the Member of Parliament for Bournemouth East in the 2005, Tobias was in the Royal Green Jackets from 1991 to 1996, and served in Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Kuwait, Germany, Gibraltar and Bosnia. He left the Army at the rank of Captain and is a current Army Reservist. Tobias was a senior business development manager with the London Stock Exchange for two years, and then with Allen and Overy in a senior role.
Tobias was educated overseas in Bonn and Vienna when his parents were overseas as members of the United Nations. He attended Loughborough University and also completed the senior executive course in National and International Studies at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Tobias is married to Hannah Ellwood and they have two young sons. He is a patron of a number of local charities in Bournemouth, is a keen sportsman, private pilot, active Army Reservist and an Eagle Scout.

Tobias has written on a range of topics including the following publications:
• Improving Efficiency, Interoperability and Resilience of our Blue Light Services (December 2013)
• Leveraging UK Carrier Capability (September 2013)
• Upgrading UK influence in the European Union – a strategy to improve upstream of EU legislation (November 2012)
• Time to Change the clocks – Arguing the case for moving our clocks forward (November 2010)
• Post Conflict Reconstruction – Bridging the gap between Military and Civilian Affairs on the Modern Battlefield (November 2009)

Arthur C. Evans, Jr., PhD

Policymaker, clinical/community psychologist, and health care innovator, Arthur C. Evans, Jr., Ph.D., is the CEO of the American Psychological Association. He previously served for 12 years as Commissioner of Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Service. The transformation of the Philadelphia service system has dramatically improved health care outcomes and saved millions of dollars that the city has reinvested in other community-based services. Prior to this time, Dr. Evans developed a multi-disciplinary private practice in New Haven, Connecticut, where he also served in leadership positions in clinical administration and state government.
Dr. Evans has held faculty appointments at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and the Yale University School of Medicine.

Bronwen Evans

Ms. Bronwen Evans is a Founding Director and CEO of the True Patriot Love Foundation (TPL), which has helped change the lives of more than 25,000 military families across Canada since 2009. Under her leadership since 2012, TPL has spearheaded Expeditions to the Himalayas, North Pole, Antarctica and across Canada, partnering prominent business leaders with wounded veterans. She also led the successful bid to secure Prince Harry’s Invictus Games for Toronto in 2017.

Previous to her role with TPL, Ms. Evans was the Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, and Chief Privacy Officer at Medcan, the largest executive health clinic in North America. Prior to joining Medcan, Ms. Evans successfully ran her own communications and public affairs consulting firm with clients from the energy, health care, legal, and government sectors.

Prior to her time in business Ms. Evans was the Chief of Staff to the Ontario Minister of Finance, Chief of Staff to the Attorney General, and an advisor to the Minister of Community and Social Services, and the Minister of Health.

Ms. Evans currently serves on the Board of Governors at Kingsway College School.

Ms. Evans received a BA with Honours from McGill University and an MA in Philosophy from Carleton University in Ottawa.

Ken Falke

Mr. Falke is a 21-year combat veteran of the U.S. Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) community and retired Master Chief Petty Officer. Ken is highly respected around the world as an innovative and forward thinking thought leader on the subjects of wounded warrior care, military and veteran transition, counter terrorism, military training, and innovative technology development.

Ken’s is the chairman and founder of Boulder Crest, and organization focused on the teachings of post traumatic growth, and the EOD Warrior Foundation. Ken is a bestselling author of Struggle Well, Thriving in the Aftermath of Trauma.

Ken is a serial entrepreneur. His first company, A-T Solutions, is a recognized international expert and valuable global asset in combating the war on terrorism. A-T Solutions was named four consecutive years to the Annual Inc. 500 fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S. Also recognized in Entrepreneur Magazines’ Hot 500 List, the Washington Technology “Fast 50”, Smart CEO’s “Future 50”, and the winner of the very prestigious Greater Washington Area Government Contractor Award in the category of companies $75M-$100M.
Ken holds a Masters of Policy Management from Georgetown University and is a Member, Harvard Business School Executive Education Program.

Keita Franklin, Ph.D.

Dr. Keita Franklin, a member of the Senior Executive Service, is the National Director of Suicide Prevention for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. Dr. Franklin serves as the principal advisor to VA leadership for all matters pertaining to suicide prevention. She leads a team of experts engaged in research, program evaluation, innovation, program development, data and surveillance, and partnerships. Before joining VA, Dr. Franklin served as the Director of the Defense Suicide Prevention Office where she was responsible for policy and oversight of the U.S. Department of Defense suicide prevention programs.

She is a licensed social worker with a specialization in children and families, and has a PhD in social work with specialized training and certifications from the Center for Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis. Dr. Franklin received a leadership award from Virginia Commonwealth University for leading efforts to help train and advise the social work profession on working with military families.

Jonathan Flint, M.D.

Dr. Jonathan Flint is a psychiatrist with an interest in the genetic basis of emotional disorders (including anxiety and depression). He uses both animal and human genetic approaches to find genes that contribute to disease susceptibility. He has pioneered the use of outbred mice for the analysis of complex traits, developing methods and resources that are applicable to any phenotype that can be modeled in mice. His work has led to the use of heterogeneous stock animals, both mice and rats, for the genetic dissection of complex traits, and the use of commercially available outbred mice. The characterization at a population and molecular level of outbred animals is a critical component of this application.

Sue Freeth

Sue joined Combat Stress in 2016 as the first female Chief Executive in the charity’s 99-year history. Since her arrival the charity has increased its profile and contributes actively to veterans’ mental health and particularly military trauma healthcare. Sue has set out a new strategic direction in the face of growing demand for military trauma treatment and a changing NHS landscape.

Sue joined Combat Stress following a decade as Director of Welfare and latterly Director of Operations at The Royal British Legion (TRBL). At TRBL she commissioned the first UK veterans population mapping studies, and initiated and led the early stages of the Armed Forces Covenant campaign and a string of other successful parliamentary policy campaigns. During her 10-year tenure she transformed TRBL’s service footprint across UK opened its 16 high street Pop In Centres and tripled its services. Prior to joining TRBL she held a series of leadership roles at Scope, the UK cerebral palsy charity including a year’s secondment to DH on a community care task force preparing local councils for implementing the 2001 Health & Community Care Act.

Sue has served on MoD and NHSE committees and was a Cobseo Non-Executive Director representing Combat Stress. She is currently serving on a steering group board of a veterans sector emerging leaders programme hosted by Clore Social and Forces in Mind Trust. She also serves as a consortia member on the Veterans’ Gateway Strategy Board. Sue is a former lay member on NHS England Armed Forces Clinical Reference Group, partner member of MoD Defence Recovery Partnership Board, Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League Welfare Committee, World Veterans Association Medical Advisory Committee and trustee on several veterans’ charities.

Sue holds a BA Hons from Exeter University and an MBA from Aston Business School and is EQM qualified.

Louis Gagnon

Louis Gagnon is the CEO of BrainResource, the largest standardized neuroscientific database in the world that powers Total Brain, a digital brain monitoring and training platform. He is Advisor to TPG Capital, a top-tier US private equity firm who named him CEO of Ride, a portfolio company that he restructured. As a corporate executive, Louis held chief product officer and chief marketing officer roles at Audible/Amazon, Yodle and Monster Worldwide. As an entrepreneur, Louis created and led 5 business and social enterprises on four continents, many of which were in the field of reproductive health. He received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Laval University and a Masters of Science in Marketing from HEC-Montreal. His work has been featured in management books and magazines including The Economist.

Nicole Gardner

Nicole Gardner is a vice president in IBM’s Global Business Services (GBS) and leader of the Public Service Eminence Academy, a thought leadership senior executive initiative. She currently serves as a senior leader in the Federal Healthcare market, having served as the team leader for 2 years and the Global Industry Leader for Social Services, Social Security and Government Healthcare for 5 years. Ms. Gardner works with senior leaders from the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services and Veterans Affairs, the Defense Health Agency and military health system, and the Social Security Administration. She has spent the past 2 years focused on a collaborative effort with the U.S. Department of Veterans affairs to bring technology to the mental health and suicide prevention arenas. Ms. Gardner was recognized by FedHealth IT magazine in 2017 and 2018 as a Federal Health IT100, an honor which recognizes individuals for driving change and advancement in the Federal Health IT market. Throughout her career, she has been responsible for c-suite relationships, strategy, thought leadership, solution and business development for government organizations across the world.

Ms. Gardner is a member of the class of 2012 of the IBM Industry Academy and is a recognized thought leader in Government, with more than 30 years of experience. She is a member of the American Public Human Services Association and a former Board member of the National Center on Family Homelessness, a not-for-profit dedicated to eliminating family homelessness in the US. She has been recognized as an EDI Global Pioneer – 1993 (EDI Forum-The Journal of Electronic Data Interchange) in the field of Electronic Data Interchange for her work in the United Nations Economic Commission of Europe for 14 years, rising to the vice chairmanship of the Working Party on Trade Facilitation and as a founding member of the UN/EDIFACT global community. She is a guest lecturer at the LBJ School of Public Affairs University of Texas, Boston University’s Questrom School of Business and American University’s Kogod School of Business, serving there on the Dean’s executive advisory council on IT for 20 years, and as its chair for 4 years. She is a frequent speaker and has published numerous books and articles on healthcare and social services, e-business, change management, aging and organizational best practices, most recently in Modern Healthcare, “Using open innovation and cognitive computing to solve healthcare’s vexing problems” (December 2015); as a co-author of IBM points of view published by the IBM Institute for Business Value: “Shifting Gears: Changing methods and mindsets to address long term unemployment” (June 2015) and “Sustainable Employment: Youth, Economic Vitality and why government needs a new approach” (May 2014).

Ariadne Getty

Ariadne Getty is a lifelong philanthropist dedicated to serving disenfranchised populations. She is the president and executive director of the Ariadne Getty Foundation (AGF), which since 2004 has partnered with non-profit organizations worldwide to improve the lives of individuals and communities through large-scale investments and social activism.

Ariadne’s philanthropy is guided by the belief that large, targeted donations that empower organizations are the most efficient and effective use of the foundation’s resources to bring about change. At the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, she announced a $15 million lead gift to support the work of GLAAD’s Media Institute to reverse the erosion of LGBTQ rights and inspire activism. Over a three-year period, the funds will be used to train as many as 10,000 volunteers who will advocate for social justice, not just in the U.S. but around the world.

In addition to financial contributions, Ariadne donates her time and energy to causes she supports. A member of GLAAD’s board of directors, in early 2018 she joined GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis on a tour to inspire donors and increase giving. Ariadne is also an inaugural board member of the Better World Fund, an education and advocacy nonprofit that backs United Nations initiatives, and a supporter of the UN Foundation. Working alongside fellow board members Ted Turner, Kofi Annan, Muhammad Yunus and Queen Rania of Jordan, she addresses global issues such as climate change, gender inequality, women’s health and the plight of refugees. In this role Ariadne has advanced the adoption of solar paneled suitcases which improves the quality of care for laboring mothers and has directly decreased infant mortality rates. She has collaborated with stakeholders in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to improve living conditions in refugee camps.

Beyond her philanthropic work, Ariadne is the CEO of her son’s international fashion line, August Getty Atelier and her daughter’s company, Strike Oil, both of which are headquartered in Los Angeles. She is also an accomplished photographer. Ariadne was born in Italy and currently resides in Los Angeles.

August Getty

Fashion’s rising star, August Getty is the Designer and Founder of his womenswear brand AUGUST GETTY ATELIER. The self-taught designer has presented his collections of elegant evening wear and gowns at fashion weeks in New York, Paris and Milan. He will debut his Couture collection during Paris Couture week in January 2019. His designs are that of stunning couture inspired by the romanticism of old Hollywood glamour. The desire to empower women through clothing and their sexuality remains the core of his work.

August is known for his custom creations worn by some of the world’s greatest celebrities and biggest style icons such as Miley Cyrus, Cher, Katy Perry, Kate Hudson, Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Washington, Zendaya, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, Ruby Rose, Ciara, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Shay Mitchell, Gigi Gorgeous, Hailey Baldwin, Miranda Kerr, Emily Ratajkowski, Gabrielle Union, Kristen Bell, and Ashley Graham, among others. When Paris Hilton accepted the “Fragrance of the Year” award at the “Hollywood Beauty Awards”, she was dressed in a custom-made gown that August had fashioned with 500,000 Swarovski crystals.

Fashion and glamour have always been fundamentals of August’s DNA. As a child, he was inspired by his mother Ariadne Getty’s wardrobe filled with high fashion and couture gowns. August began sketching gowns and draping at a very young age. “I never said I wanted to be a designer – I was born one,” he says.

At age 20, August became one of the youngest Designers to ever debut at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week with his Spring/Summer 2015 collection. He was honored with a “Daily Front Row Award” the following year for his work. For the introduction of his socially conscious Spring/Summer 2016 line, titled “Thread of Man”, August collaborated with acclaimed photographer David LaChapelle to create an interactive art exhibit at the Universal Studios backlot that was critically lauded for its artistic ambition.

In his Los Angeles based headquarters, August works alongside a design team of 25 in his Atelier; his mother is the company CEO. August Getty Atelier is a made-to-measure collection and available by appointment only.

Philanthropy is extremely important to August, who is a champion of LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Transgender) rights and advancing the global fight against discrimination and prejudice. He is a consistent supporter of organizations such as “GLAAD”, “amfAR”, “The Los Angeles LGBT Center” and “UNICEF NextGen”.

Nats Getty

A designer, model, artist and activist, Natalia “Nats” Getty’s creativity and energy drive her to seek out meaningful ways to give back to the community. Her fashion brand and artistic initiative, Strike Oil, is a lifestyle brand and charitable partner to organizations that fight for LGBTQ rights. She is also an ambassador for her mother’s charitable organization, the Ariadne Getty Foundation.

Nats’ creative endeavors are both a means of artistic expression and a vehicle for social change and her Strike Oil banner serves as her digital media canvas. She also designs apparel such as custom, one-of-a-kind leather jackets. Strike Oil collaborated with Los Angeles street artist Mr. Brainwash to create a mural honoring the victims of the Pulse nightclub tragedy in Orlando, Florida, with proceeds donated to the Pulse Foundation.

In partnership with her fiancée, actress and internet star Gigi Gorgeous, Nats collaborates with GLAAD to support the LGBTQ community in its journey toward justice and equality. The pair have also modeled in her brother August’s renowned fashion line. Nats contributes generously to LGBTQ causes, including the Los Angeles LGBT Center and GLAAD.
Nats was born in Los Angeles, where she grew up loving to climb trees, surf and skateboard. After attending boarding school in England, she returned to Los Angeles, where she currently resides.

Rob Gordon

Robert “Rob” L. Gordon III is the Chief Global Officer of Connected Living, a technology and services company that creates private, secure connections for families, communities and employees. Rob is the former President of Be the Change, Inc., and previously an executive at a high tech smart glasses software company. In 2010 Rob was appointed the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy; responsible for the Defense Department’s worldwide community and family programs and initiatives affecting over four million military service members and families. For his service he was awarded the Secretary of Defense Medal for Outstanding Public Service.

Rob was the Chief People and Program Officer at City Year. Prior to that, he completed a 26-year career in the U.S. Army, retiring as a full Colonel. From 1992 – 1993 Rob served as the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs and in the Office of National Service, The White House.

Rob earned his BS from West Point and an MPA from Princeton University. His awards and honors include Princeton University’s Edward Bullard Distinguished Alumnus Award; the Honorable Order of Saint Barbara; and the 2017 Franklin Award by the National Conference on Citizenship.

Gigi Gorgeous

Gigi Gorgeous is a YouTube star, transgender activist, television personality, actress, model and LGBTQ icon. She has nearly 8 million followers across her social platforms and almost half a billion views on her popular YouTube channel. Born Gregory Lazzarato and raised outside Toronto, Canada, Gigi was a nationally ranked diving champion. In 2008, Gigi’s rise to stardom began when she created her YouTube channel, posting beauty, fashion and makeup tutorial videos as a Toronto high school student, while also encouraging her viewers to express themselves in the face of bullies and harassment. At the age of 19 she came out on her YouTube channel, identifying as a gay male. In 2013, she announced that she was a transgender woman. She legally changed her name to Gigi Loren Lazzarato in 2014, a year in which she documented her transition on her channel.

In January 2017, her feature-length documentary “This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous”, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. The film chronicles Gigi’s life and transition and was directed by two-time Oscar winner Barbara Kopple. The film was released in limited theatres and currently lives on YouTube Red (now YouTube Premium) for SVOD. “This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous” won the Streamy Award for Best Feature and the Critics’ Choice Documentary Award for Most Compelling Living Subject of a Documentary in 2017. It was nominated for The MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Documentary and the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Documentary. Last year Gigi was named one of Time Magazine’s “25 Most Influential People on the Internet”, one of “Forbes 30 Under 30” and won YouTuber of the Year at the Shorty Awards. She was awarded the LogoTV Trailblazing Social Creator Award in 2014 for her advocacy on behalf of LGBTQ youth, and The Streamy Award for Best Beauty Channel the following year.

Gigi has appeared in PopTV’s “Nightcap”, “Me and My Grandma” alongside TV legend Rhea Perlman, and on Project Runway All Stars, E!’s Good Work, Trailblazers, MTV Music Video Awards, GLSEN Respect Awards, amongst others. As a model she has appeared on the covers of The Advocate and FASHION, and has been featured in spreads for Paper, Galore, Kode, Refinery29, and Out. She serves as a frequent muse of August Getty Atelier and has modeled for Red Dress Collection for Macy and Nicopanda for MAC. She hosted a series alongside friend Kylie Jenner for the “Kylie” app and starred in Adam Lambert’s music video “Another Lonely Night.” Gigi has worked with top brands such as Crest, Pantene, Too Faced, MAC, and L’Oreal. She also had a year-long endorsement deal with Revlon in 2017.

In 2016, Gigi was denied entry into Dubai for being a transgender woman and was released after spending over five hours in detainment at the Dubai International Airport. Gigi responded to the incident by calling for equality and legal protections for LGBTQ people. Gigi works closely with several LGBTQ organizations including GLAAD, LA LGBT Center and Children’s Hospital of LA Transyouth Program. Her Halloween 2017 event for the Transyouth Program raised $50K.

In March 2018, Gigi and girlfriend Nats Getty announced their engagement. Gigi and Nats currently reside in Los Angeles, California.

Bruce Greenhalgh

Bruce is currently Global Health and Wellbeing Clinical Lead at BT (British Telecom) the UK’s leading telecommunications provider. Previously he was head of Employee Assistance at Accenture. He has an MA in Counselling & Psychotherapy, is an accredited therapist with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and is a Fellow of the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Bruce has developed and delivered programmes globally on wellbeing and mental health across all levels within multi-nationals including Accenture, BT, HSBC, Microsoft and O2. He has presented on related topics at conferences across Europe, in Asia and the USA. He has delivered to diverse audiences such as psychiatrists, corporate lawyers, wellbeing professionals and educators.

In and out of work Bruce has a keen interest in Mindfulness which he now teaches and practices in a range of diverse settings such as therapeutically, counsellor training, summer schools, retreats, and for small private groups and charities. In corporate settings Bruce has integrated mindfulness training as part of wellness programmes and more recently as part of executive training for senior managers. He trained to teach mindfulness on the masters programme at Bangor University (wales) and is certified by the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute created in Google and based in San Francisco.

Sally Anne Gross

Sally Anne Gross started her career in the music industry as a music manager in 1990. Over two decades she has been involved with 5 acts ( either as a manager or a record company director) that have each sold over a million records: Adamski, Rollo and Rob D (who are responsible for Dido), Urban Cookie Collective, William Orbit, Gotan Project and now One Direction with the song Little Things, penned by her client Fiona Bevan.

In 2000, Sally won the Helena Kennedy Award for Outstanding Legal Criticism whilst studying law at Birkbeck University, after which she spent a couple of years working in entertainment law.

Sally has been involved with all aspects of the music industry from raves in the French Alps to sold out shows at Hollywood Bowl to Sydney Opera House.

She continues to work as international business affairs manager for Ya Basta Records and Science et Melodie Publishing in Paris, home of Gotan Project and producer and DJ Philippe Cohen Solal, as well as teaching at the University of Westminster where she is Program Director of the Music Business Management MA.

Sally is particularly interested in music development theory (A & R), labour relations, gender inequality, diversity and copyright law and how its development impacts on the creative processes.

She has a passion for the arts from everything from cooking and literature to dub-step and disco. She lives in Hertfordshire and has four adult children who all work in the creative arts.

General Volodymyr Havrylov

After serving 37 years in the Ukrainian military, MG Volodymyr Havrylov retired in June 2018. MG Havrylov participated in peacekeeping operation in the Balkans in 1998 and had frequent tours to the area of conflict with Russia in Eastern Ukraine in 2015-2016.  His last position was the Defense Attaché of Ukraine in the United States.

Supported by the Allied Forces Foundation charity Volodymyr Havrylov, has initiated annual participation of the Ukrainian team of the wounded, injured and ill (WII) military and veterans in the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington, D.C. Now he is actively involved in various projects related to mental rehabilitation and social adaptation of wounded Ukrainian warriors. Most of the projects are carried out under the auspice of the recently formed National Council for Sports Rehabilitation (NCSR). It is a Ukrainian non-profit organization which brought together various sport groups and associations of veterans of the war with Russia.  Recently the NCSR initiated the annual 10K race for WII veterans ‘The Veterans Dozen’ within the Kyiv City Marathon on October 7th 2018 in Kyiv, Ukraine. This event is designed particularly for amputees and persons who suffer from PTSD.

Volodymyr Havrylov speaks four languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English and Romanian.  He is married and has two children.  Hobbies: history, long distance running.

Lorraine Heggessey

Lorraine Heggessey is the Chief Executive Officer, The Royal Foundation.

Jessica Henderson Daniel, Ph.D.

Jessica Henderson Daniel, PhD, ABPP serves as associate professor of psychology in the department of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. At Boston Children’s Hospital, she directs psychology training in the department of psychiatry and serve as associate director of the LEAH (Leadership Education in Adolescent Health) training program in the Division of Adolescent Medicine.

She is honored to have earned fellow status in six APA divisions and to have become the first African-American elected to an at-large seat on the APA Board of Directors. She has served as president of the Society for the Psychology of Women (Div. 35) and as a member of the Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice (the Practice Directorate management committee), the Council of Representatives (chairing the Women’s Caucus, the Public Interest Caucus, and the Education and Training Caucus), the Ethics Code Task Force and the APA Finance Committee. In addition, she serves as the senior member of the Early Career Psychologist Task Force and chaired the APA Presidential Centering on Mentoring Task Force.

For many years, she has had a deep concern about the small number of research psychologists who are people of color. She envisioned a mentoring program for women of color and in 1999 procured grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Kellogg Foundation and Harvard Medical School for the Next Generation Program, an ethnically based mentoring program for early career women of color committed to careers in research on adolescents. Three of the participants have since received K awards for career development from NIH, one obtained a highly competitive R01 award, three have advanced to associate professor status, one is a full professor and two hold positions at major policy research institutions (the Institute of Medicine and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Daniel takes pride in helping to found the APA Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology. In 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015, she served as a faculty member for the Diversity Leadership Development Workshop, an initiative of Div. 31 (State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Association Affairs).

Daniel’s career has focused primarily on instruction, training and mentoring. Her contributions as a mentor earned recognition from Harvard Medical School in 1998 when she received the prestigious A. Clifford Barger Excellence in Mentoring Award — the first woman, the first person of color and the first psychologist to earn the honor. She has received mentoring awards from the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (1999); Div. 45 (Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race) in both 2003 and 2014; and Div. 35 (Society for the Psychology of Women) in 2006. Beginning in 2007, the latter award was renamed the Strickland-Daniel Mentoring Award. Daniel also received the 2001 Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; the 2002 APA award for Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training in Psychology; and the 2008 APA Committee on Women in Psychology Distinguished Leader for Women in Psychology Award. She is a 2011 recipient of the Elizabeth Hurlock Trust Award, which honors inspirational professors.

Sarah Hoit

Sarah Hoit is a career social entrepreneur focused on companies that impact larger social issues. She co-founded Connected Living in 2007 to provide families and communities a private social network to bridge the “digital divide” for the millions of seniors who have been left out of the conversation. Connected Living provides a “high tech and high touch” way for families to privately connect, access goods and services and enhance quality of life.

Sarah was previously Founder and CEO of Explore, Inc., an education company that operated programs that met the academic and social needs of every student through the integration of experiential learning, homework, physical education, and community services.

Prior to founding Explore, Sarah served as the Director of Business Planning in the White House Office of National Service, and then Deputy Director of “AmeriCorps” where she was a senior official in the Corporation for National Service that has enabled over 1 million youth to serve their country.

Sarah holds a BA with Honors from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Harvard Business School (HBS), where she was awarded a public service fellowship. She is a guest lecturer at HBS and Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business on social entrepreneurism and is a member of the Dementia Friendly America Board.

Andrea Inserra

Andrea Inserra, a Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Vice President, is recognized for her expertise in program and system management, organizational re-engineering and transformation for US Federal and commercial clients. She leads the Firm’s Global Defense Group Operations and Crosscut Market Strategy. As the Global Defense Operations Officer, she is responsible for identifying and executing strategic initiatives to drive business growth and maximizing financial performance.

She has provided leadership to the Firm’s military and civilian health business where she focused on healthcare transformation. Andrea has led the Firm’s clinical services offering, including behavior health supporting programs to enhance the well-being and psychological health for service members, veterans, and military families.  Andrea has served as a Partner Sponsor for the Firms efforts to embrace emotional wellness as fundamental component of the Firm’s overall wellness program.

Andrea chairs the Firm’s veteran’s agenda to provide ongoing support to veterans and military families – both inside and outside our Firm – by providing best-in-class benefits, partnering with nonprofit organizations, and engaging in community volunteerism.

She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS), the Catholic University of America School of Engineering Board of Advisors, and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation National Advisory Board for Caring For Military Families. She holds an MBA from the Pennsylvania State University and a BS in Industrial Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University.

Poppy Jamie

Poppy Jamie is an entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and entertainment presenter.

At 19 years of age, while still studying at the London School of Economics, Poppy had become the youngest entertainment presenter at the UK’s largest news organisation, ITN. By 23, she had moved to the USA to work for MTV International, ITV2, Extra and went on to launch the first ever talk show on Snapchat’s discover platform, Pillow talk with Poppy, to an audience of over 100 million. At 25 Poppy founded her first start-up, an accessories brand “Pop and Suki” with best friend and model/actress Suki Waterhouse. At 26 founded Happy Not Perfect (HNP) a mental wellbeing start-up application and corresponding product line which is due to launch in 2018.

Both start-ups have strong brand missions, Pop and Suki was set up to celebrate friendship and women working together and HNP looks at mindfulness in a new way. It’s dedicated to helping users feel happier, calmer and less anxious. Inspired by her mother, a neurotherapist, and based on the science behind happiness, HNP focuses on making it easy for us to look after our brains in the same way we do our bodies.
In 2017, Forbes names Poppy one of their 30 under 30 and she was appointed as the youngest member of the Resnic Neuropychiatric Hospital Advisory Board at the UCLA to help consult on the wellbeing of students.

Most recently Poppy took part in the first ever ‘mental health’ talk at Cambridge University, was invited to speak at the UCLA WOW summit on brain health alongside names like Goldie Hawn and Lisa Kudrow, and delivered a TEDxHollywood talk entitled “Addicted To Likes” where she explored the phycological impact technology has had on our lives and how we can minimise the damage going forward.

Andy Keller, Ph.D.

Dr. Andy Keller is president and chief executive officer of the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, a data-driven Texas nonprofit that provides high-quality, nonpartisan policy and program research, development, and advice to state and community leaders with a single goal in mind: to improve mental health care in communities throughout Texas and beyond. He is a psychologist with more than 20 years of experience in behavioral health policy and a recognized leader in health and human services integration, health financing, and best practice implementation. Andy’s work has centered on helping health systems implement evidence-based and innovative care as well as helping local and state governments develop the regulatory and financial framework to support them. Before coming to the Institute, Andy was a founding partner of a national behavioral health systems consulting firm. Prior to that, he worked in Colorado at the health plan level with a leading Medicaid HMO and at the provider level with the Mental Health Center of Denver. He has developed and led a wide range of mental health programs, including community clinics for children and adults as well as assertive community treatment and school-based, early childhood, and cross-cultural programming.

Neha Kirpal

An entrepreneur working at the intersection of the creative industries and social sector, Neha founded the India Art Fair in 2008. It is the first and largest platform of its kind in South Asia and has been instrumental in shaping the region’s artistic landscape over the last ten years. After a hugely successful decade, Neha recently sold the business to the world’s most reputed art fair organisers – MCH Basel. She continues to stay involved with the creative industries through strategic and advisory roles in the public and private sectors.

Neha is part of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders community, an Eisenhower fellow and a recipient of the President of India’s prestigious Nari Shakti Award for her work on the socio-cultural empowerment of women. Over the last decade, Neha has also received several awards and recognitions from leading publications such as Fortune, Forbes, Business Today, Financial Times and Vogue for her contributions as a woman entrepreneur and to the creative industries.

Alongside her involvement with organizations in the arts, design and wider creative industries as a strategic adviser, Neha also works on initiatives that address the systemic challenges in the areas of mental health care and education, with a focus on empowering women and children as agents of social change in the developing world. As a life-coach and trained counsellor, for over a decade, she has been an active volunteer counsellor and has conducted several workshops and mentoring modules. Neha’s vision is to help orchestrate the set-up of 360-degree services for the prevention and treatment of mental health problems. This includes setting up a mental health alliance for actioning national level anti stigma campaigns and creating awareness and access by leveraging digital and on-ground innovations. Neha has also recently aligned with citiesRISE, a global platform committed to transforming the state of mental health policy, to lead their global development initiatives and strategic alliances.

Joe Klein

Joe Klein is an award winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the 1# best-selling novel Primary Colors and Charlie Mike: A True Story of Heroes who Brought Their Mission Home. A longtime political columnist for Time Magazine, The New Yorker and Newsweek, Klein received a National Magazine Award for Newsweek’s coverage of the 1992 election and was nominated for another. He has also received two National Headliner awards. He has been a visiting fellow at Harvard and at Mansfield College, Oxford.

Nevin Kucuk

Nevin Kuck is the founder and the president of Mental Health Association for Everyone( RUSAG)/ Izmir/Turkey. RUSAG; as a right-based and society-based association; It is a non-governmental organization established with the aim of being an association that sanctioned in the development of national and international mental health policies and enabling every individual in society to benefit from mental health services in the framework of equal opportunities.

Until today, Nevin has worked in the field of trauma and social projects both at home and abroad; she started her work in this area at IFRC(International Red Crescent & Red Cross Associations) and continued to work as Psychosocial Expert and Disaster Response Unit Manager at Turkish Red Crescent. After the tsunami occurred in 2004, she appointed as Turkey’s psychosocial delegate in Sri Lanka; both nationally and internationally from 2003-2007 she served in many emergency and disaster on the field or coordination team.

Since 2007, she has been working on individual trauma, counseling and education in her private counseling center and still continues to work as a voluntary on psychosocial support in social traumas. She has worked as a volunteer or professional in many social responsibility projects and currently has project consulting activities in various fields.She founded the Mental Health Association for Everyone with students and professionals in the field of mental health in 2017, and she has been working to change the mental health policies in the country today through volunteer experts and students, especially in developing projects to make mental health services accessible to all.

Nevin Kucuk knows the sign language; awarded a Philanthropy scholarship by the TUSEV (Third Sector Foundation of Turkey) in 2014, She is also one of first philanthropists.

Harold Kudler, M.D.

Dr. Kudler received his M.D. from Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, trained in Psychiatry at Yale and is Adjunct Associate Professor at Duke. He received teaching awards from the Duke Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychoanalytic Association. From 2000 through 2005, he co-chaired VA’s Special Committee on PTSD which reports to Congress. He has served on the ISTSS Board of Directors, co-led development of the joint VA/Department of Defense Guideline for the Management of Posttraumatic Stress and was advisor to Sesame Street’s Talk Listen Connect series for military families. From 2006 to 2014, he co-led the North Carolina Governor’s Focus on Returning Military Members, Veterans and their Families. In 2012, he was appointed to the North Carolina Institute of Medicine. From 2004 to 2014, Dr. Kudler was Associate Director of the VA’s Mid-Atlantic Mental Illness Research, Education, and Clinical Center (MIRECC) which focuses on Deployment Mental Health. From 2010 to 2013, he was Medical Lead for the VISN 6 Rural Health Initiative. In July, 2014, he joined VA Central Office in Washington DC as Chief Consultant for Mental Health Services and, later, as Acting Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Patient Care Services.

Judge Steve Leifman

Judge Steve Leifman is the Associate Administrative Judge of the Miami-Dade County Court – Criminal Division. From 2007 – 2010, Judge Leifman served as Special Advisor on Criminal Justice and Mental Health for the Supreme Court of Florida. He currently chairs the Florida Supreme Court’s Task Force on Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues in the Court and the Mental Health Committee for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida. In 2015, he received one of the nation’s highest judicial honors – the William H. Rehnquist Award for Judicial Excellence. The award is presented annually to a state judge who exemplifies judicial excellence, integrity, fairness, and professional ethics. Judge Leifman is also the first recipient to receive the Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Award for Judicial Excellence (2015). He was named by New Times as one of Miami-Dade’s most interesting people of 2017 and a 2016 Governing Magazine Public Official of the Year.

Judge Leifman has been featured in The New England Journal of Medicine, the Atlantic Magazine, CBS News, USA Today, CNN: Anderson Cooper Special Report, CNN: Special Investigations Unit: The Criminally Insane, NBC Nightly News, PBS: Minds on the Edge, Facing Mental Illness, NPR: All Things Considered, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal; Governing Magazine and the Samantha Bee Show on TBS.

Saul Levin, M.D.

Saul Levin, M.D., M.P.A., FRCP-E, is the Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director of the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Prior to assuming his current position, Dr. Levin served in a variety of roles in the private and public sector, including as Interim Director of the District of Columbia’s Department of Health (DOH). Prior to his tenure at DOH, Dr. Levin was the Senior Deputy Director of the Addiction Prevention and Recovery Administration (APRA). Dr. Levin has served as Vice President of the American Medical Association for Science, Medicine and Public Health, where he focused on health care delivery and disparities. His other professional endeavors include serving as a special expert appointee in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, President for Access Consulting International, and as President and CEO of Medical Education for South African Blacks.

In 1982, Dr. Levin received his M.B.B.Ch. (M.D.) from the University Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, and completed his residency in psychiatry at the University of California, Davis, Medical Center. In 1994, he received his master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians – Edinburgh, and Clinical Professor at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Washington, D.C.

Leon Lloyd

During a successful rugby career representing Leicester Tigers and Gloucester which culminated in winning 6 Premiership titles, 2 Domestic Cups and back to back Heineken Cup trophies, Leon also represented the Barbarians on 5 tours and has proudly represented England Schoolboys, U19’s, U21’s and 7’s, eventually making his full England Test debut against South Africa in 2001. In 2008, Leon was faced with making the transition into the ‘real world’ when injury ended his career. Building on his experience, Leon published his first book ‘Life After Sport – From Boot Room to Boardroom’ which later became a best seller. Additionally, he graduated with a first class (Hons) degree in Business Leadership and Management and successfully transitioned into the world of business. As CEO of Switch the Play, Leon is focused on driving a business focused on assisting athletes with their own transitions and helping them to develop themselves with their life outside of sport. Leon is also a Judiciary Officer for the RFU, European and World Rugby and a proud Ambassador and Business Mentor for the Princes Trust, and a Patron for Action Deafness.

John Mannion

John Mannion is the Executive Director of Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation, and Director of Major Projects for Flinders Foundation, in Adelaide, South Australia.

Breakthrough in a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting groundbreaking mental health research to help improve the lives of many people living with mental health issues and is the first of its kind in Australia.

John has worked within the mental health field for over 30 years in the UK and Australia, in both a clinical and leadership capacity.

John is an innovative practitioner, leader and a resilient manager, with a strong person centred value base and work ethic . His progressive change management skills have spear headed the development of a number of high quality services. He has a proven track record for delivering positive outcomes and achieving results in the development and delivery of diverse health and social care services.

John has extensive experience in clinical service development, clinical leadership and mental health reform, taking the executive lead within South Australian Health for the development of the Statewide Eating Disorder Service, Community Mental Health Reform and Veteran Mental Health Clinical Service developments.

John has a passion for building design and the positive impact this can have upon mental health, culture and wellbeing. In his role as Executive Director for the Mental Health Services within Southern Adelaide he has led a number of building developments including Intermediate Care Centres, Community Mental Health Centres, the Jamie Larcombe Centre for Veteran Mental Health Services and the Older Person’s Mental Health Acute Unit at Flinders Hospital, South Australia.

With a targeted and bold partnership and investment strategy, Breakthrough delivers funding streams that supports cutting edge, world leading research.

Breakthrough is partnered with Flinders University South Australia, South Australian Mental Health Commission, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, South Australian Police Department, Adelaide Primary Health Network and the Adelaide Crows Football Club (AFL), who together aim to create a life free from mental illness.

Lisa Marsh-Ryerson

Lisa Marsh Ryerson is president of AARP Foundation, AARP’s charitable affiliate, which works to end senior poverty by helping vulnerable older adults build economic opportunity and social connectedness. She is an experienced and innovative leader who sets the Foundation’s strategic direction and directs its efforts across private, public and nonprofit sectors. Collaboration is the hallmark of Ms. Ryerson’s approach to AARP Foundation’s mission. Under her leadership, the Foundation has embarked on relationships with high-profile organizations to create and advance effective solutions that help struggling seniors meet their basic needs and transform their lives. She has received numerous awards and honors for her leadership and service, both at AARP Foundation and in previous positions. Before joining AARP Foundation, Ms. Ryerson served as the president and CEO of Wells College in Aurora, N.Y.

Chris Martin

Chris Martin is the Chief Executive Officer at The Mix, a multi-issue advice and crisis support service for young people under 25 that works exclusively through virtual channels. He was the architect of the ground-breaking merger between YouthNet and the Get Connected Helpline that created The Mix in 2016. Chris is passionate about digital for social good and sits on a variety of sector and governmental advisory panels related to youth, mental health and the implementation of digital as a source for support.

He is a fellow of the RSA, a gadget lover and a trustee of both Brook Young People and his local youth club, Harrow Club W10.

Alex Marx

Alex was born in London. He moved to Wiltshire when he was six and attended school nearby, where he was involved in lots of school plays – playing lead roles from a young age – as well as studying Drama for GCSE and A Level at Marlborough College.

After school, he was invited to become a member of the National Youth Theatre, and spent the summer with them, before going to Edinburgh University to take a Masters Degree in Philosophy. Whilst studying, he was heavily involved in student theatre, performing in over twenty shows, as well as several at the Edinburgh Festival. He also attended the National Student Drama Festival – with puppetry company Pangolin’s Teatime – which won awards for Best Director and Best Ensemble.

After graduating, he moved to New York for a year, where he trained as an actor at The Barrow Group, and with acting teacher Sondra Lee (a student of Stella Adler). When he returned to London he continued his training at the Actors Temple (Meisner technique).

Alex has performed in numerous plays including Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, The Dog in the Manger, She Stoops to Conquer, Limehouse Nights, Closer, Age of Consent, Equus, Rich Isn’t Easy, Elegies of Angels and Guys and Dolls – as well as pieces of new writing by Lucy Kirkwood and Ella Hickson.

He has played leading roles in multi award winning films like The Hummingbird, Alleyman and Reel Life – as well as multi-award winning feature, Sable Fable.

In 2008, he wrote and directed his first play, The Space in Between, which performed to sell-out audiences and then transfered to the Orange Tree Theatre in London. He has written another play called Then It Started to Snow, which he hopes to produce in 2015.

Happy Accident was his first film as a writer/director and was completed in January 2012 . It is a family drama and stars Tuyen Do, Kate Fahy, Tim McInnerney and himself.

His second film, Synchronicity, is a satirical romantic comedy and stars Bill Paterson, Ty Glaser, Ben Aldridge, Gary Condes and himself.

His third film, Fingers (which secured funding after coming runner up in “Enter the Pitch 2013”) is a 1960s crime drama starring James Alexandrou, Ty Glaser, Anthon Saunders and himself.

Two more shorts are in development – The Field (a WW1 drama) and The Cleaner (a financial thriller) – which is also associated with his first feature, Cash Back (which won first prize in the BFI’s “Future Film” pitching competition).

Darren Mastropaolo

Darren Mastropaolo is the Director of Crisis Text Line International. His goal is to create a consistent global standard for crisis support through free, 24/7 access for all people in pain and the first global, real-time, mental health dashboard. Since Crisis Text Line launched in 2013, they have processed over 80 Million messages and currently operate platforms in the US, Canada, and the UK. Plans are in place to expand to dozens of countries in the coming years.

Gary McQueen

Gary James McQueen was first introduced to the fashion industry by his late uncle Alexander McQueen, who mentored and inspired him to be the artist he is today.

He was employed as head textile designer for the Alexander McQueen MRTW in 2005, experimenting how artwork could be applied in various ways, and that working with the silhouette of clothing, he could develop a niche of optical-illusion textile design, constantly pushing himself and the boundaries of what could be achieved using a 3D canvas as the basis.

Gary James McQueen worked alongside Alexander McQueen up until his passing in 2010, and was trusted with many personal projects including the Chrome Skull artwork, which has become iconic as the face of the Savage Beauty Exhibition commemorating Alexander McQueen’s life work.

Upon the passing of Alexander McQueen, Gary James McQueen felt personally compelled to continue his uncle’s legacy and family heritage.

Taking influence from his late uncle and also using the instinctive qualities that run in his blood, he continues to establish himself and the Gary James McQueen Brand, which he believes encapsulates the McQueen spirit.

Glen Moriarty

Glen Moriarty, Founder and CEO, is a psychologist passionate about the Internet’s power to help people lead better lives. He has been involved in a number of services and organizations that support people in need. 7 Cups of Tea is his most recent endeavor; marrying his background in psychology with his love for technology. Glen lives with his wife, Nicole, and their four children, Colin, Madeliene, Avery, and London.

DJ Nash

After graduating from Brown University, DJ headed right to Manhattan to begin his career doing stand-up in the New York comedy scene. In 2000, he was named Best New Face at the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, which led to a deal with CBS where he co-created and starred in the CBS pilot, “Life with David J” along with Elliott Gould. DJ has been writing (and not acting) ever since.


In 2014, DJ created and executive produced the NBC series “Growing Up Fisher,” starring Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons and Jenna Elfman. The show was based on DJ’s childhood growing up with a father who is blind and with parents who got divorced. The show featured the first visually impaired lead character in a comedy series. (As well as the first guide dog.)


In 2015, DJ created and executive produced his second series, “Truth Be Told,” starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tone Bell, directed by Pamela Fryman.


There’s an old saying: “Friendship isn’t a big thing… it’s a million little things.” Loosely based on DJ’s real-life experiences, “A Million Little Things” is an hour-long dramedy for ABC in the tone of “The Big Chill” and “Big Little Lies,” about a group of friends who, for different reasons and in different ways, are all stuck in their lives, but when one of them dies unexpectedly, it’s just the wake up call the others need to finally start living.


Lastly, the only thing on DJ’s bucket list is to play the drums with Sting to Message in a Bottle. Anyone who can help make this happen, please let DJ (and Sting) know.

Rick Parnell

For more than 25 years Rick Parnell has served at the top levels of non-profit and higher education leadership.

Rick’s expertise lies in the strategic development of institutions that aim to enact positive change. Rick believes that creating a 360-degree approach to philanthropy that includes strong communications, advocacy, operations and financial services, and valued teams, will have an amplifying impact on the work being accomplished. Rick’s experiences have given him a deep understanding that a successful organization must deliver on its mission in partnership with others, but must also focus inward on recruiting and retaining the highest caliber professionals.

Rick spent 16 years designing and growing the partnership model of the United Nations Foundation, the organization built out of Ted Turner’s historic $1B gift to support UN causes. Over those 16 years, Rick was responsible for managing the team that leveraged Mr. Turner’s gift into $2.2B for UN causes, and built a team of over 300 individuals across the U.S. and internationally.

Prior to joining the UN Foundation, Rick oversaw a $1B fundraising campaign for the American Red Cross, and served as the Chief of Staff to the President of the University of Florida.

Rick serves on the Board of Directors of the U.S. Fund for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; and previously served on the Board of Directors of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council; was the Founding Chair of the Board of Directors of the Digital Impact Alliance; and was the Founder and Chair of the Independent Sector C-Suite Program.

Rick is a member of the Cosmos Club of Washington, DC and the Economic Club of Washington, DC

Vikram Patel

Vikram Patel is The Pershing Square Professor of Global Health and Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow at the Harvard Medical School. His work has focused on the burden of mental disorders, their association with social disadvantage, and the use of community resources for their prevention and treatment.

He holds Honorary Professorships at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, the Public Health Foundation of India, and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (where he co-founded the Centre for Global Mental Health in 2008), and is a co-founder of Sangath, an Indian NGO which won the MacArthur Foundation’s International Prize for Creative and Effective Institutions in 2008 and the WHO Public Health Champion of India award in 2016. He is a co-founder of the Movement for Global Mental Health. He is a Fellow of the UK’s Academy of Medical Sciences and has served on several WHO expert and Government of India committees, including the WHO High Level Independent Commission for Non-Communicable Diseases and Mental Health.

He has been awarded the Chalmers Medal (Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, UK), the Sarnat Medal (US National Academy of Medicine), an Honorary Doctorate from Georgetown University, the Pardes Humanitarian Prize (the Brain & Behaviour Research Foundation), an Honorary OBE from the UK Government and the Posey Leadership Award (Austin College). He was listed in TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential persons of the year in 2015.

Randy Phelps, Ph.D.

Randy Phelps, Ph.D., served on the Give an Hour Advisory Board for over a decade, was a formal consultant to the GAH Board of Directors in 2017, and became GAH’s Vice President of Operations in 2018. He also continues to direct the American Psychological Association (APA) Office of Health Care Financing, a component of the APA Center for Psychology and Health. In that role he leads APA’s advocacy efforts for sustainable health care financing for both health systems and practitioners. He was formerly the APA Deputy Executive Director for Professional Practice, and as well as APA’s liaison to the US Department of Veterans Affairs for a decade and a half. Dr. Phelps received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Utah in 1981. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Distinguished Member of the National Academies of Practice, Clinical Member of the American Family Therapy Academy, and recipient of APA’s Karl Heiser Award for advocacy. He has also received an APA Presidential Citation for his national contributions to professional psychology.

Jennifer Pope Baker

Jennifer Pope Baker, Executive Director of Women’s Fund of Central Indiana since 1998, has dedicated her career to creating transformative and sustainable change for women and girls. Under her leadership Women’s Fund has become the expert resource for issues impacting women and girls in Central Indiana.

Jennifer is recognized nationally for the innovative NEXT Initiative – an incubator created to attract the most talented, visionary leaders to Indianapolis to develop solutions to measurably improve the lives of emerging adult women. A strategic leader, Jennifer helped guide the launch of NEXT in 2014, which led to an invitation for Women’s Fund to join the Clinton Global Initiative.

Jennifer is directly fostering the next generation of philanthropists and community leaders through the development of unique philanthropic educational programs. GO: Give Back and OPTIONS are recognized as premier models for engaging people in thoughtful community leadership and philanthropy.

Jennifer is a sought after speaker and is a regular guest on Inside Indiana Business and has been a featured speaker at The White House, the Clinton Global Initiative, MCON14 and National Association of Commissions for Women Conference.
She has led the Fund’s endowment growth from $3 million to its current total of nearly $16 million and has implemented a “best-practices” grant-making process focused on research that has made distributions of over $6 million to 110 effective women and girl serving organizations.

Jennifer’s community knowledge and efforts to increase economic self-sufficiency opportunities for women and girls led to her participation as a founding board member of Grameen America Indianapolis Advisory Board and member of Grameen America National Advisory Board.

Jennifer received a degree in Communication from DePauw University. She is married to Christopher Baker and has two children, Catherine and Charlie.

Tony Puente, Ph.D.

Antonio Puente, PhD was the 2017 president of APA. Puente received his undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Florida and his master’s degree and PhD from the University of Georgia. He has holds appointments as Professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (since 1981), a visiting professor of psychology at the Universidad de Granada (Spain) and the University of California Los Angeles. Prior to these position he taught at St. George’s University School of Medicine (neuroanatomy). Puente founded and edited two journals Neuropsychology Review and Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice as well as a book series in neuropsychology. He is the author of 8 books, 83 book chapters and 110 journal articles (in English, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic). In addition to his position at UNCW, Puente maintains a private practice in clinical neuropsychology. He also is the founder and co-director of mental health services at the Cape Fear Clinic, a bilingual multi-disciplinary health center serving the indigent. Puente completed two terms on the Editorial Panel of the American Medical Association’s Current Procedural Terminology and, prior to that, served as APA’s advisor to the panel from 1992-2007. He has been a member of the APA since 1979 and fellow of nine divisions and also served as president of the North Carolina Psychological Association, North Carolina Psychological Foundation, Hispanic Neuropsychological Association, National Academy of Neuropsychology, and Society for Clinical Neuropsychology (Division 40 of APA).

Kristina Romanova

Kristina was born in Russia, but later moved to the United States. Her passion for the fashion industry started when she was sixteen, during a visit to New York City. She was inspired by the vibrant nature of the city, and began learning about the fashion industry and the creative input behind it.

Since 2010, Kristina has been working internationally in high fashion, including contracts in Italy, France, and the United States. She is represented by Women Management (New York, Milan, Paris), Traffic (Spain), Elite (London) and has worked with high profile designers including Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen amongst others.

In addition to modelling, Kristina was the female cameo in Avicii’s music video “Wake Me Up”, which gained over 1 billion views since its release in 2013.

In 2018, Kristina co-founded the NGO Humans of Fashion Foundation to address and prevent harassment, abuse and misconduct in the fashion industry. The HOFF App technology connects individuals from the industry with concerns to the help they need: whether volunteer mental health professionals for therapeutic sessions, pro-bono lawyers for an initial consult and eventually, a mentor network.

Kristina speaks fluent English, Russian, and Spanish

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a humanitarian leader, spiritual teacher and an ambassador of peace. His vision of a stress-free, violence-free society has united millions of people around the world through service projects and courses offered by The Art of Living.

Joseph Sifer

Joe Sifer is a Booz Allen Hamilton Executive Vice President with over 30 years of experience in engineering, technology, and consulting services and solutions that meet the mission and business needs of the U.S. Government and global commercial clients. He currently leads the firm’s Defense and Military Intelligence business unit, previously serving as the lead for the U.S. Army business, the firm’s telecommunications business in the U.K and Ireland, and the transformative lead for the firm’s engineering and science business, positioning it as one of the firm’s growth platforms. He previously worked as a senior technologist at A.T. Kearney, a project engineer at The Aerospace Corporation, a research engineer in support of the NASA-Ames Research Center, and an engineering intern for IET. Mr. Sifer had the honor of serving as the inaugural Visiting Corporate Fellow at Give an Hour in 2017, continuing his activism for mental health awareness and emotional fitness in the corporate world. Mr. Sifer has an M.S. from UC-Berkeley and a B.S. from the University of Notre Dame, both in electrical engineering. Mr. Sifer also attended The George Washington University on a full fellowship, where he received an M.A. in science, technology, and public policy.

Jasvir Singh

Jasvir Singh is the Co-Chair of the Faiths Forum for London, working with the capital’s nine main faith communities in promoting interfaith projects and collaborations as well as providing a platform for engagement with regional and national authorities. He is also the Chair of City Sikhs, an organisation which provides a voice for progressive Sikhs in the UK and which has over 7,000 members throughout the country. Jasvir is an established family law barrister and has been in practice for the last 12 years, with many of his cases involving vulnerable adults and children with mental health challenges. He has led ground-breaking research into mental health issues and awareness within the British Sikh community through the annually published British Sikh Report. Jasvir is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day, and he is an honorary fellow of the Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion at the University of Birmingham and an Associate of the St Paul’s Institute based at St Paul’s Cathedral. In 2017, he was awarded an OBE by the Queen for services to faith communities and social cohesion, and he is the youngest Sikh to currently hold this distinction.

Altha Stewart, M.D.

Altha J. Stewart, M.D. is Associate Professor/Chief of Social and Community Psychiatry, and Director, Center for Health in Justice Involved Youth at University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN. She is the 145th president of the American Psychiatric Association. Prior to coming to University of Tennessee, she was the Executive Director of Memphis’ federally funded System of Care program for children with serious emotional disorders and their families.

She worked for decades as CEO and Executive Director in large public mental health systems in Pennsylvania, New York and Michigan, overseeing the management and development of programs for persons with mental illness and substance use disorders. She is an experienced healthcare administrator and nationally recognized expert in public sector and minority issues in mental health care, and worked previously as Executive Director of the SAMHSA/CMHS funded National Leadership Council on African-American Behavioral Health (NLC).

A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Dr. Stewart received her medical degree from Temple University Medical School and completed her residency at Hahnemann University Hospital. She was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts in 2006 and Doctor of Sciences degree from Christian Brothers University in Memphis in 2018.

Ross Szabo

Ross Szabo is a social innovator who pioneered the youth mental health movement in the United States. He is the Wellness Director at Geffen Academy at UCLA, a school for students grades 6-12, that is integrating mental health education in all classes. Ross is also an award winning speaker, author and the CEO of Human Power Project, a company that designs mental health curriculum. Ross has spoken to more than 2 million people about the importance of mental health. During his 8 years as Director of Outreach for the National Mental Health Awareness Campaign, he created the first national youth mental health speakers’ bureau in the country. He has trained over 50 mental health advocates who have spoken to millions of people. Ross is the co-author of Behind Happy Faces; Taking Charge of Your Mental Health and a blogger for The Huffington Post. Human Power Project’s first curriculum also titled, Behind Happy Faces, is being utilized by over 200,000 students in the U.S. Ross contributed to a mental wellness lesson for Happy Not Perfect that will be taught in the U.K. He has received the 2010 Erasing the Stigma Leadership Award and had his advocacy work entered into the U.S. Congressional Record.

Stuart Taylor

Since 2011, Stuart Taylor after serving 25 Years in the British Military has served as Director, Washington
DC and Metro Area and now President and CEO, of the Allied Forces Foundation, Inc., a British-American
philanthropic organization that Advances awareness and funding for the common wounded, ill and injured
(WII) service Personnel and their families affected by the conflicts and most recently Iraq and Afghanistan.

The AFF is unique in many ways; not least in that it is formed as a joint American-British Foundation pledged to recognize and support the Steadfast Alliance, and specifically those wounded – and the families of those wounded – in the conflicts following 9/11. Our motto is: “May All Our Comrades Be Our Cause”

The AFF is committed to improving the Quality of Life of our common wounded and their families in three specific areas:

Raising common awareness and funds in support of physical & mental rehabilitation by the challenge based events which aid the rekindling of pride and well-being;

Raising common awareness and funds in the facilitation of educational scholarships within the US and UK for children of the severely wounded;

Raising common awareness and funds in the addressing in-patient & out-patient treatment for PTSD and other non-visible wounds;

Cardinal Peter Turkson

Cardinal  Peter Turkson is the Ghanaian cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He was president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace from 24 October 2009 to 1 January 2017. Pope Francis named him the first prefect of the Dicastery for the Promotion of Integral Human Development, which began operations on 1 January 2017.

Barbara Van Dahlen, Ph.D.

Barbara Van Dahlen, Ph.D., named to TIME’s 2012 list of the 100 most influential people in the world, is the president of Give an Hour™, a nonprofit she founded in 2005 to provide free mental health services to the military and veteran community.  A licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Washington, D.C., she received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Maryland in 1991, her M.A. in clinical psychology from the University of Maryland in 1987, and her B.A., summa cum laude, from California State College in 1982. Give an Hour’s nearly 7,000 mental health professionals have given more than 265,000 hours of care valued at over $26M.  In 2017, Give an Hour began expanding its model – and is now providing free care to other populations in need. Give an Hour also leads the Campaign to Change Direction®, a global initiative focused on changing the culture of mental health, which launched in March 2015 with former US First Lady Michelle Obama as keynote speaker. Dr. Van Dahlen has received numerous awards, including the American Psychological Association’s Presidential Citation and the Richard Cornuelle Award for Social Entrepreneurship of the Manhattan Institute in 2013. In 2014 she was honored by the Chief of Staff of the United States Army as an outstanding civilian who has made significant voluntary contributions to our military and the United States Army. She also received the 2016 American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Lifesavers Gala Public Service Award and was appointed in January 2016 to serve on the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, & Nutrition.

Jana Watkins

Jana is the HR Director for Live Nation Entertainment, comprising Live Nation, Academy Music Group and Ticketmaster. She attended the University of Leeds and studied Politics and then obtained her Masters in Human Resource Management. Jana is responsible for all HR Activity across the UK with its 1500 staff and joined the Company over 13 years ago. Today Jana is responsible for positioning employee health and wellbeing on the HR strategic roadmap, extending this out from a non-funded venture to a now multinational employee engagement initiative.

An important part of the Company’s well-being strategy concerns destigmatising mental ill health. Jana has driven content throughout every part of the business in this important area and created really pertinent conversation by setting the tone in the right way for each specific audience and through her own influencing skills getting the highest level of sponsorship and contribution. This has created a safe place for employees to be able to talk about any experiences they have had or are having. Jana has attended various panel discussions at a national level, including at this years’ International Live Music Conference, Time to Change and presented at Whitehall to talk through the Company’s approach. It is clear that she is at the forefront in approaching the delicate subject of mental health in the workplace and doing so in a pragmatic way.

Danielle ``Nolli`` Waterman

Danielle “Nolli” Waterman is a professional English rugby union and rugby sevens player. Being a member of England’s national rugby union team, she is a multiple Six Nations Championship winner and became World Champion in 2014. She was selected for the 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup squad.

Nikki Webber Allen

Nikki Webber Allen is a 2-Time Emmy Award winner with over 15 years of experience producing content for media outlets including Warner Bros., HBO, ABC, 20th Century Fox, MTV and BET.

In 2013, while working as the Vice President of Casting & Talent Relations for the cable network TV One, Nikki lost her 22-year old nephew, Paul, to suicide. In his honor, she launched the nonprofit I LIVE FOR… FOUNDATION, INC. to end mental health stigma in communities of color.
Her work with I LIVE FOR… has been featured in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, NPR and NBC News. She’s the host of Slate Magazine’s podcast “Life Effects” and she’s currently producing and directing a documentary film that features inspiring stories about millennials of color living with, and thriving despite, their mental health diagnosis.

In Spring 2017, she was chosen for the highly-coveted TED Residency program. She delivered an impassioned TED Talk entitled, “Don’t suffer from your depression in silence,” which has garnered over 1.7M views.

She has an M.A. in Media Studies from The New School University in New York, NY and a B.A. in Communications from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.

Geoffrey Williams

Geoffrey Williams Director, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, EMEA
Geoffrey has had a diverse career starting his working life in the entertainment industry then moving into healthcare, rail and media. He has worked in Human Resources for over 10 years of his career and has experience in Recruitment, Talent Management, learning and development, Organisational Design and Diversity and Inclusion.

Currently, he is the head of Diversity & Inclusion EMEA at Thomson Reuters, where he works on global strategy, culture change and implementation of a comprehensive D&I agenda. He has been featured in the Financial Times Top 100 ethnic minority role models and DIMA 50 male advocates for equality in marketing and media for 2018.

Geoffrey is also the co-founder of a social enterprise that introduces young people to the real world of work & aims to connect the teens to a positive and vibrant future. As well as sitting on the board of film production company

Geoffrey is committed to a diverse world being inclusive.

Emma Wiggs

British paracanoeist, competing in the 200m KL2 class and VL2 class

* Former sitting volleyball player

* Motivational speaker, ambassador and mentor

Paralympic Games History

* Rio 2016 gold medallist – paracanoe KL2

* Competed at the London 2012 Paralympics as a sitting volleyball player, where the team finished eighth.

Paracanoe Medal History

* 7-time World Paracanoe Champion (2013, 2014 (x 2 disciplines), 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)

* 5-time European Paracanoe Champion, including Double European Champion at the 2018 European Championships in Belgrade (KL2 and VL2). Silver medallist in 2014 and 2015.

Background information

* Contracted an unidentified virus at 18 whilst on a gap year in Australia, which caused paralysis in her arms and legs. Her arms recovered, but it caused permanent nerve damage in her legs.

* Graduated from University of Chichester (2003) with a degree in sports and exercise sciences and qualified as a teacher in 2004 with a PGCE. The University awarded Emma an honorary doctorate in 2017.

* Spotted at a UK Sport Talent Identification Day in 2010 and was offered the opportunity to train in five different sports but chose sitting volleyball as she wanted to compete in a team sport. She captained the GB team that won bronze at the 2010 World Championships.

* She switched to paracanoeing after the 2012 Paralympics. The 2016 Paralympics was the first summer Games to feature paracanoeing events.

* Appointed MBE in the Queen’s New Year Honours list for her services to canoeing

About Paracanoe

* Paracanoe – canoeing discipline for athletes with an impairment

* Races are contested by two types of boat: kayak (K) and va’a (V). Kayaks are propelled by a double-blade paddle, while the va’a is used with a single-blade paddle. Both boats have three different classes of event for men and women, depending on the classification of an athlete’s impairment, with KL1, KL2 and KL3 for kayak and VL1, VL2 and VL3 for va’a. At international level all races are individual events and competed at a distance of 200m.

* KL2 / VL2 classification: athletes with partial trunk and leg function, able to sit upright but might need a special backrest, limited leg movement during paddling.

Additional speakers added:

Jacque Baumer

Jacque has more than ten years of professional experience developing and directing programs and campaigns, fundraising, and providing consultation to social impact organizations all over the world. In 2013, Jacque served as a driving force behind the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, which leveraged $1.3 Billion in new funding commitments for the world’s poor. With a live audience of 60,000 and a worldwide media reach of more than 3 billion, it is the largest charity event syndication to date. In 2017 Jacque was the COO and partner of the Laudato Si’ Challenge, where she was the producer of the first-ever Demo Day at the Vatican. Jacque co-founded the impact travel company, Influence Trips.

Captain Matt Kleiman

In April 2016 CAPT Kleiman was selected to replace Rear Admiral Joan Hunter as the Director of Psychological Health for the National Guard (NG) Bureau, as a member of the Joint Surgeon’s Office.  In this role, he is responsible for designing, developing, and directing an enterprise-wide system for psychological health fitness and resilience for over 460,000 National Guard members and their families.  CAPT Kleiman is the principle advisor to the NG Joint Surgeon General on the continuum of psychological health services provided to/for Guard members and their families, and he is specifically responsible for providing oversight, implementation, execution, and quality control for Psychological Health operations.

CAPT Matt Kleiman is a commissioned officer in the United States Public Health Service and was previously detailed to the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) from 2010-2016 as the Chief of USCG’s Behavioral Health Services.  In this role, he directed, oversaw, and was responsible for the management and oversight of all Coast Guard’s Behavioral Health Programs.
Prior to his assignment to USCG Headquarters, CAPT Kleiman served as a principle advisor at the Office of Health Affairs to senior leadership at the Department of Homeland Security on resilience and behavioral health policies across the organization.  He has also been previously assigned as the National Mental Health Coordinator for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, responsible for coordinating the mental health care for all detained undocumented migrants in the United States.  CAPT Kleiman began his active duty career as an Air Force clinical social worker, where for six years he provided a broad array of direct behavioral health services to Air Force members and their families at multiple duty locations.

CAPT Kleiman received his Master’s of Social Work degree from the University of Georgia and is a licensed clinical social worker and board-certified diplomat.

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