Aetna and the AFSP Launch New Education Program to Potentially Save Thousands of Lives

By September 27, 2017News

As part of National Suicide Prevention Week, Aetna, one of the nation’s leading diversified health care benefits companies, donated $50,000 to the nation’s largest suicide prevention organization, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

This donation will be earmarked for Aetna to use AFSP’s many research-based education programs for their members nationwide. Aetna is proud to join AFSP in its goal to reduce the suicide rate 20 percent by the year 2025, as part of AFSP’s Project 2025 initiative. To read more about the initiative, click this link.

Both Aetna and AFSP are partners in The Campaign to Change Direction, a collection of concerned citizens, nonprofit leaders, and leaders from the private sector who have come together to change the culture in America about mental health, mental illness, and wellness.

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