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AJW Foundation pledges to share the five signs of emotional suffering with 2,000 people. Our goals are to talk about mental health in schools and other communities. “To educate, fight causes and change minds on mental health and families.” AJW Foundation Vision Statement One day, families dealing with mental health issues—whether personally or as a caregiver will have access to support, services and educational understanding on what is needed, to move positively and boldly into the future of a happy life—without fear of stigma. AJW Foundation's Mission: AJW Foundation’s mission is to support, education and provide services that will empower families living with mental health disorders. To have a place to share voices and assist families, who support (caregivers) a member with a mental illness disorder. We believe that mental health touches many social issues regarding education, children learning, homelessness, poverty and physical and mental stresses. AJW Foundation mission is to move families forward to a successful life.